One Drop?


Why are one drop yoyos always out of stock? I have wanted a project for a long time but have not been able to get one. If you know anywhere to get a project or project 2 could you please tell me. :wink:


They don’t make ten million of them, and they’re popular yoyos, so they sell out. The BST is your friend though. :wink:

(Kei) #3

Whoa! Tough Luck dude, I promise they had 5 Project 2s available this morning. I guess just try to find some on the B/S/T.
Here is an easy way to find it. Just click the scroll over search button, select search forum, then type project in the search box, then press advanced search, then click where it says Choose a board to search in unselect everything besides Buy/Sell/Trade, next you want to scroll down the search order box (above the Choose a board to search in, or search all) and select most recent topic first, then search. You may have already known that, but yeah.