When is the mini star going to ge released?

does anybody know? coughsamadcough. and is it supposed to be for novelty, or for competition?

Now you know there is a new release thread. When it is it should be in there.

it’s not, i just checked.

doesnt help, but yoyonation did have the pre release, but theyre sold out

Here, let me get out my crystal ball. :stuck_out_tongue: Just be patient. I think I heard somewhere they would be shiping them out soon. (I am not sure so don’t quote me. Maybe I heard wrong or got mixed up with a release date from another yoyo.) But I don’t know an exact date. If you really want to know, email Ernie, I am sure he’ll be happy to help you find your answer. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!


I already made a thread of the release date, and then Icthus stickied it. I already emailed Ernie and they are going to be released in 1 to 2 weeks.

They go to anodize, Bead blast Monday.
Still need to test, and engrave.
Still 3+ weeks away.