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Some clarification: 5 of some of the first likes we are not counting because they contain Our mother, a friend and our self’s! So there is still 9 more slots to fill to get some free white string! SO like away friends!  (04/23/2013)

The first 5 people to like our facebook page  will be sent two JAMS handmade  yoyo string with the choice of any color that we make!

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            Jake and Mazen Austin

Yay me!

6TH NOOOOOO! aww man… so close… shouldve checked out the general discussion instead of checking out that clyw chief review :-\

Edit: oh i still get string so i guess its not all bad :smiley: i like colorful string though :o

yay white!!!

#10 :smiley:

I like the string A LOT. I’ll write a full review soon. I usually use kitty string… so I’ll compare it to that for now. It feels like a slicker kitty string at first… but then stays exactly like that for a long time. I have been playing with the corny yellow string for about an hour total… and it is almost exactly the same as when I put it on, just a tad more soft. The color in the corny yellow is not the greatest… Looks a lot like the “golden rod” kitty string… If you guys can do neon yellow or green that would be awesome!!! Though the Bluejay colored string is stunning, I must say. Keep it up guys. If the string is priced right i would love to buy some more. Again… I’ll write you a full review when I get through a string. Though that feels like it could be a while

Liked you guys homie, I gotchu

Like! Im julian magdangal.

Liked :smiley:

i absolutely love this string as well! Im doing a review on it tomorrow, it definitely beats the standard yye strings ivee used and these other home made strings my friend gave me… i got the blue and the red, i toi think the blue is stunning, and the red is soo vibrant, its great for videos! Ive actually already made an order for 25 strings. The offer for free string is over but they are selling for 10 strings for $3, and 25 strings fo3 $6, an extra 75 cents if you want multicolored string, what i love is you dont have to pay extra to get a variety… you can ask for 5 green and 5 blue and still pay the same $3, its great… i got myself at least one string of every color with my order. Ihighly recommend everyone to get some… they feel great, they’re soft, whip fast, and the slipknot wont cause a huge dent in your middle finger after a long yoyo session :slight_smile:

We actually just got a neon yellow to replace the yellow you were sent because we thought the same thing about the color! Thank you for this review we can’t wait to see the full one!

Just one quick thing… because I wont be making a full review until probably next week. You should try to make your strings a little longer at its stock length… I’m decently tall… like 6’2", and I like my string like 2" above my belly button which is a tiny bit longer than most stock strings that are pre tied. Some people like really long strings, which they wont really be able to do with the stock length you got right now… I think all you need is like an inch or two. Even with the length I like, it was pretty close to the end of the string and was kind of hard to tie a knot.

Other than that… I’m in love and will probably never use kitty string again… even though I literally just bought a 100 pack :frowning:

I can take those 100 kitty strings off your hands :wink: how many jams are you getting? Just made a deal literally 10 minutes ago for 50, i love em. Never used kitty strings before though :wink:

will probably get 50. i still like kitty strings… ill probably just get like 20 jams and only use them on my best yoyos. well see though :stuck_out_tongue:

I am right there with you. I’m taller as well. When we moved the stuff from my room to our basement to make the strings in bulk we measured at 9 and a half feet instead of 10 feet which is why they are a bit shorter. This we didn’t realize tell a few days ago but that problem is fixed now! And we are very happy to hear that you love the strings!!

got my strings a few days ago, and I figured I play it a little before I left a mini review.
I was very pleasantly surprised by the string. It’s a little heavier than I normally use, because I normally don’t like whippy string, because it usually has bad tension issues. But after 7 or 8 binds, I think I saw a half twist when I checked the tension, which was just awesome. It’s incredible for whips, keeps good tension, and just has a nice feel to it. My only complaint was the length, but that issue seems to have been fixed now. The string is phenomenal, keep it up. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, we are glad you like them! And yes we fixed the length, they are about 4-5 inches longer now!