Update: defective yuuksta :/

[s][s]just got a yuuksta in the mail a few hours ago, and I got a knot. But when I try to unscrew it, it won’t budge. any way to loosen it up? maybe like some wd40 on the axle or something?

so far I’ve tried:
-just using my hands to grip as hard as possible and turn
-the loop 900’s key thing to turn the axle
-using those rubbing grip jar opener things on both sides
-stockton t-handle hex keys (http://www.cyclegear.com/images/replacementmaintenance/stockton_t-handle_MD.jpg) those. It actually ended up twisting my hex key ._.
-put a drop of 3 in 1 on each side

It’s as if someone put locktite on both sides ><

edit: emailed the store I bought it from about replacing it, because it won’t budge at all. I just tried a normal allen wrench (one of the L shaped ones) and it started to bend that one too.[/s]

Okay, so an update. Sent it back to the store I bought it from, they oiled it up and took it apart, and sent it back to me. now it comes apart just fine.
But now another problem arises… the bearing is stuck. I’ve tried the string trick, pliers, and soon I’m going to home depot to try a metal tube.
any other suggestions?

and I’m not worried about damaging the bearing. just if anyone knows any way to remove it, let me know. I’m pretty sure I already damaged it with the pliers. :/[/s]

Editedit: This is resolved, so icthus or another mod can go ahead and lock it. I sent it back to yoyofactory after the store I bought it from originally couldn’t fix it. They ended up cutting open the bearing, but they still couldn’t get the inner ring of the bearing off. I just wanted to let anyone who tried to help out know what ended up happening in case they cared.

Maybe your Yuuksta was put together by the Hulksta?

Also, are you 100% positive you’re turning the correct way? I get the idea that you’ve done this sort of thing before though with another yoyo you’ve got, so chances are your answer is “yup, I’m definitely turning the correct direction”.

What condition was your package in when it arrived in your place? Just wondering if it might have received the “Ace Ventura method of final leg of delivery”?

Fiddling with the axle while the yo-yo is completely assembled is unadvisable.

Have somebody big and strong try to unscrew it. Just like a pickle jar.

Mine was like this when I first got it, too. I had to grip it with silicone hot pads to get it to come apart. It squeaked really loud when I did it, a sign of of a very tight fit between axle and yo-yo. After that first time, it is much looser.


yeah, I actually checked with another yoyo just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and turning it the wrong way. lol
and the package was in pretty good condition, so I don’t think it was that.

and I’m usually the guy people ask to open their jars. ><

yoyo… store emailed me back and told me to ship it back to them. they said they’ll try to fix it, or they’ll replace it. so I’ll just be without my yuuksta for a few more days :slight_smile:

I’m one of those guys where I spend $500 on a new microphone, I take it apart to study the components. Give me a new yoyo, I want to immediately unscrew the halves and see how it’s all put together.

When I got my Dark Magic II and ONE(and others), even though the Dark Magic II is my first real yoyo, I took it apart as soon as I took it out of the package. Had to put a tiny bit of muscle into it, but it came right apart. No problem.

I would assume that a yoyo should need a little bit of torque to come off, but shouldn’t require Herculean-type strength to get the task accomplished. I think the company was correct to say “Yeah, send it back and let us deal with it”. Good thing you contacted them. I would have done the same thing myself, but way before I got to the point of bending tools.

Well I contacted them pretty much right after I discovered it wouldn’t come apart. The tool bending happened while I was waiting for a reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Got it back from yoyo… store today, and it comes apart just fine :slight_smile:
still a little bit harder to take apart than my other throws, but oh well.

edit: okay… I’m pretty fed up with this yuuksta. The bearing WON’T come out. pliers aren’t working for me, and the axle is stuck so can’t put a metal rod or drill bit in there. and don’t have access to a bearing removal tool
editedit: I’m gonna go by a home depot and get a 1/4" metal tube. hopefully that’ll work.

Haha you have all the luck… anyways yyf has some very tight bearing seats.

This should help lemme know if it doesnt :smiley:

In case you cant tell… wrap the string around the axel. Tighten both halfs together. Bearing should be on other side. Then just pull string and the bearing should come out. May take a few tries though. 8)

I think this is like karma for not buying from yye :stuck_out_tongue:

tried it 5 or 6 times, no luck :confused:

Well if you have another bearing ( Or are skilled )

You could always take a needle and try to get up under the bearing… but if pliers or the string trick won’t work. Idk what will ???

Ugh… I really don’t want to have to send it in AGAIN. -___-
I went to home depot and tried a 1/4" tube, and it didn’t work.

Any way to take out a bearing other than pliers, bearing removal tool, or the string trick?

How does the string trick not work? The string is under the bearing and you pull it out. The only way to get the string out is to pull (harder). Bearing MUST come out with the string.

doesn’t work because the bearing doesn’t go to the other side (the side where the string is)
It usually just ends up cutting my string.

Ooh, ouch… That must hurt… :-\ But you can play with it for now before you need to take the bearing out.

Ugh, I’ll go get the chainsaw.

Just kidding. There are a lot of tricks to get the bearing off. Some people stick the yoyo in the freezer for a bit. The main thing I would recommend is you have to be patient. Choose one way you want to use to get it off and keep trying. I think the best way is to use the bearing removal tool, even though that seems to be failing. Look up “stuck bearing” on other forums and see what comes up.

Okay… sending it off ONE more time. this time directly to yoyofactory. This thing is the yuuksta from hell. stuck together, stuck bearing… sent it off 3 times. got it back from the place I originally bought it again today, and they couldn’t get the bearing out. They ended up cutting open the bearing and taking it completely apart, but the inner umm… ring thing on the bearing wouldn’t come off. They ran out of stock of yuukstas, so they would have had to refund me, but I told them to send it back because I emailed yyf about it.

Overall… this thing was just doomed from the start :confused:
When I bought it, the place had 20% off and free shipping, so it was only like $52ish. but now that I’ve had to ship it off 3 times it’s about the same as just buying it from here. -_-

Just thought I’d give a little update for anyone who cared.

Dude i hade my Dv888 give me bearing trouble.  My bearing was stuck on there for weeks!  Until i bought a bearing removal tool.  Those things work wonders, took of my bearing like magic!  Just put it in there and wiggle.  IDK if you tryed this or not, but if you dont have one buy one, its worth a shot.

I have this one: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/333/Bearing-Removal-Tool
IDK about this one it was out of stock when i bought mine: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/409/YoYoFactory-Multi-Tool

If you are not in the mood of buying a bearing removal tool, try using the non sharpened end of a 1/4 drill bit. Good luck. ;D