Up and coming manufacturers

Over the last year and a half that I’ve been throwing I’ve been lucky enough to develop a nice collection of throws and try considerably more besides, thanks in large part to the BST. As part of developing my collection I’ve tried to pick up throws from new manufacturers because I believe that it is important to support such enterprises; much the same way that TotalArtist has been hugely supportive of young entrepreneurs on this site (although I’d never credit buying a few yoyos as highly as what TA has and continues to do). While existing and well established manufacturers also need support and loyalty, new minds bringing their unique trains of thought to development, in any field, can only ever be a good thing.

As a result, in the recent past I’ve had the opportunity to pick up two throws which I think offer the best value for money currently on the market and they are the 2sickyoyos Gambit (7075) and the Inertia in Motion Inverse. Thankfully both of these are going to be turned from prototype runs in to fully fledged production-run yoyos, and I urge everyone reading this to consider picking one up. Both of these throws are made from 7075 Aluminum, both are superbly well designed, balanced and machined, and both would happily compare with [insert your favorite manufacturer] yoyos. Both of these will retail around $100 depending on options.

I have written reviews of both of these yoyos but I know that some people feel that yoyo reviews aren’t worth the internet paper they’re written on, and so I wanted to post this to draw attention to how strongly I believe these are superb throws, worthy of your time and money.

Hopefully this post will serve as a point of discussion for the merits of some new manufacturers, and perhaps also of other throws that many of us may not have come across but which should be tried out.

Happy throwing.

Both of the throws that Joe mentioned above are top notch. You’d be foolish not to want to make an effort to pick them up.

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Thank you for the kind words Joe! I think the Gambit is a superb throw that excels in every aspect and knew once I made prototypes these needed to get in more peoples hands. I really hope people decide to get one as for the price I do believe it competes with yoyos $150+ for quite a cheaper price. Same quality as the big name manufacturers but with a new fresh brand.

Nice post, as usual slowyojoe. The entrepreneurs thread is a cool place for the “people who make things” to hang out and teach and learn things about the same. Some people took an interest in it…some not. But, I will continue to support new business to the extent I have an interest in their product, but especially those who make the effort to share their experiences in that regard.

Thanks again for such a wonderful post. I buy quite a few throws, so it is always great to know what people think. I have to admit that I am not always a big fan of reviews. I find many of them slanted toward some bias. But, I will read reviews written by the average yo-yoer, as I value them much more. Usually, it is just some person who bought a yo-yo and is impressed with it…or not. Not as much of an agenda involved.

We appreciate you sharing this. :slight_smile:

Where can you get one?

I have a bunch of throws on my buying list so I dont know if Ill get around to picking one up but it would be nice to know where I can get one if I do get around to it

The Inverse can be purchased from Instinct’s BST, and the Gambits are in production/ano I believe and will be available soon.


Is the J&H:SPINS Lunar Wind going to be left behind with the new manufacturer rage? :-[

Not if you are prepared to highlight it, and that was kind of why I wanted to create this thread. To be honest, the LunarWind didn’t suite my preferences and so I highlighted those that did. I felt actually that after playing the LunarWind I wasn’t in the best position to discuss it because it was so far away from what I look for in a throw. I wrote a review and tried to give my take on it, but it was difficult. If other people want to highlight it because it works for them then that’s great!

Interesting… The Inverse wasnt my cup of tea, but I LOVED the LW, I guess we have different preferences :smiley:

Yeah sure. That’s what makes the yoyoing world go round right. Well that and response… Oh boy I crack myself up…

And sorry I know it’s a double post and all, but this really wasn’t meant to be too exclusive I just highlighted my favorites. The Capital’s Serum is also excellent, and perhaps Burnside like in it’s consistency and play, for a similar price.