2 Sick YoYos Gambit: A High Speed YoYo Review

2 Sick YoYos and the Gambit are a story of what makes this hobby great. Community member Joey Serrano started the 2 Sick YoYos brand as a response to the positive feedback he received from the prototype that has become the Gambit. Serrano has played many different brands and has even been a sponsored player. Not content to play other peoples designs he decided to finance and make a yo-yo that fits his preferences perfectly. Stories like this are why I like this hobby, with a small amount of capital and some basic design knowledge you can create your own design. Now the question needs to be asked, is this a design that should just stay a one off or is it fit for prime time?

Two Gambits were sent for review, one made with 6061 alloy and the other made with 7075 alloy. I will compare both.

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What I find very interesting, is that in a recent(last week?) thread, the 2Sickyoyos MFG, was voted Best New Yoyo Company… For the Gambit.

Yet, not one person has responded to your Review to say anything about the Yoyo or your review.

And, very few views, to this point.

Knowing Joey, no doubt the Gambit is a serious player.

Just sayin…

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There were a couple of other reviews earlier when the first run came out. I picked up a 7075 version in that first run and thoroughly enjoy it to this day. It provides a really sweet relaxed feel. I’m not as big on the 6061 version, because it doesn’t have as much of this laid back vibe, although I’m sure for other people this is better. I’m a darn big fan of this throw.

When did this happen? Never seen anything about best new yoyo company.

I don’t know how Joey does or did, in school. But he sure did his homework on the Gambit.

I liked it so much, I actually decided to make an effort to find something, I didn’t like about it?


An excellent yoyo.

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How do we buy one?

Contact Joey Serrano (yomagic here on the forums)

He is selling them directly in order to cut costs for the consumer.