2sickyoyos 6061 Gambit Review (by GregP)

I’ve had the 2sickyoyos Gambit for two months now, which should be enough time for the honeymoon phase to have worn off and to give it an honest review. Keep in mind, there are two versions of the Gambit (6061 and 7075) and this review is for the 6061 version.

aluminum alloy: 6061
diameter- 56mm
width- 42.46mm
weight- 65.5g
gap- 4.35mm
response- 19mm groove (silicone pads)
bearing: 10 ball flat Buddah Bearing

The short version:

Pros: Does everything, and does it well. Great finish and splash, value for money king.

Cons: Sub-optimal stock response, grabby out of the box.

More details (in no particular order):

On first blush: The yoyo came with a warning from the manufacturer, indicating there is a known issue with the response being a bit grabby with a flat bearing. Tested this on a few throws and it turned out to be true. I had only three options: put in a profiled bearing, replace the pads with flowable, or break the pads in. I opted for the first, and popped a KK in. I tend to like KK bearings in the first place, and this change-out more than compensated for the slightly “off” response, instantly turning the yoyo into a real player. Aside from the yoyo itself, as a nice little bonus the Gambit also comes with a custom leather key fob. Pretty cool!

Feel: Fairly comfortable in the hand, but the sharp angles here and there are naturally going to make this have a slightly harsher feel on the catch than say, a Puffin. That said, the key word is “slightly” – there’s nothing to be scared of here. Helping with the comfort factor, the yoyo is also a nice breezy 65.5g, and in play it has a light feel.

Finish: A nice blast, plus it has those lovely machining micro-ridges that some yoyos have (notably from my collection, the C3 Krown and MFD Lesula). These little barely-detectible ridges work alongside the blast to facilitate finger grinds.

“Solidity” and Spin: This 6061 version has a fairly light feel on the string, hopping around effortlessly and never feeling sluggish. However, that doesn’t take away from spin time, and this thing is a real performer. I imagine the grabby “out of the box” response would also slow down spin time if you kept the flat bearing in during the break-in period, but the yoyo’s weight distribution itself (response out of the equation) promotes long spin time.

Stability: The Gambit is incredibly stable without needing to go up into the 44mm widths. I can trust this yoyo to stay with me through some pretty sloppy play. And when I’ve mastered a trick and play with better technique, it almost never gets knocked off-axis. Incredibly stable; perhaps the top yoyo in my whole collection. The ability to stay on-axis is also the main factor in…

Horizontal: I continue to suck at horizontal. But I have been hammering away at that Banana Turnover with suicide bind enough times to know which yoyos forgive my bad technique and which don’t. The Gambit is my best horizontal player, period. 'Nuff said. I can fingerspin in either “level” of the cup, and that smaller middle “plateau” is particularly effective.

Design features: The IRG is a bit tricky to get into, but with a good touch you can hop into a thumb grind. As mentioned above, the extra middle zone is great for fingerspins. The profile lends itself well to finger grinds, allowing me to effortlessly achieve some of my longest finger grinds.

Weak Spots: Just the grabby out of the box response. Everything else is bang on.

Value for money: Amazing. It’s a bit more dosh than some of the “budget” metals out there, but the incredible performance makes up for it. It easily outperforms most of my case, meaning that I really only need to reach for other yoyos when I want a different feel or just want some fun factor. For “serious” (hehehe, yeah right!) play or practice, the Gambit is all I could ask for.

Final thoughts:

It took a few days to start loving this yoyo, and then I started loving it so much that I didn’t think a review would be fair at the time. :wink: Now that time has passed, I can still say with all sincerity that this is one of the best yoyos I’ve ever played. Not to name any names of other great throws (since this stuff is all subjective anyhow) but I’d give up several more “sought after” yoyos before I gave up my Gambit. It’s a fantastic yoyo for competition style, but will also chill out with you. If you’re still kind of a rookie like me, it’ll hold your hand as you’re learning new tricks. I can only imagine that if you’re more seasoned, it’ll handle anything you throw at it with aplomb. I highly recommend finding one of the last available Gambits and snatching it up.

Pics to follow.

Pics provided by manufacturer include size/shape comparisons to YoyoFactory Shutter and Deadly SpINS Pride. The solid one in the “group shot” is 7075, the others are all 6061.

Nice review. I absolutely love my Gambit.

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Good review man. Now I’m gonna have to start looking into getting myself a gambit, thanks to this review!

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I love my 7075 Gambit because it ticks a box that to me is a huge bonus in any throw: it’s different.

I don’t own another yoyo that plays how my 7075 Gambit does. It’s solid, yet floaty and chilled out, it just drifts from combo to combo. I guess the only thing that felt close was the CLYW Chief, but the Gambit floats with more heft. It sounds weird for something to be heavy and yet flowy at the same time, but it works.

I agree that even with a string centering bearing, snagginess can still be a slight issue at times (I use thicker string), but it’s not as bad as some throws I’ve tried (CLYW Arctic Circle, YYR Draupnir). It’s a great throw nonetheless.

Haven’t tried a 6061 myself.

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I was lucky enough to pick up a 7075 first, love it so much that when the chance to pick up a 6061 came up, I figured “can’t be that bad” and am I glad I did.

I’m a noob compared to many of you here, but these throws are amazing, have helped me get better at this and I agree with the comments above, simply a great pair of throws.

I won’t compare as my other throws are not “high end” and it’s all subjective…