Unusual yoyo ideas

I want to see an unresponsive donut shaped yoyo you could put your finger through.

A Loopikg shape is “like” a donut sorta.

You mean put your finger through like a IRG (inner ring grinds, aka thumb grind)??

Out of all the idiotic ideas that have been posted on this forum, this is actually something that I think would be fun to have. I wonder if such a bearing exists to make such a yoyo.

Bcmaddog, I think he means a yoyo with an absolutely huge bearing, no axle, and no ‘end’ to the cups, so that you could stick your finger all the way through one cup and come out the other side while the yoyo is spinning

i thought it would be cool to have a magnetic cw and a plastic yoyo with metal hubs. I know there are a hundred complications but upside down matador tricks would be dope

Duncan was working on something like that for a while…

Cool idea, YoYoKangaroo…I just had to see what it looked like.

(Done on Sketchup…which I have almost NO idea how to use.) (Ignore line in the middle of the bearing. It’s late.)

With zero regard to actual physics of yoyos.

Green/Purple to amuse mgiroux77.

58mm dia
44.5 width
4.5mm gap

10mm hole in center
16mm bearing outside diameter
11mm bearing inside diameter
5mm bearing “width”

http://i.imgur.com/hchcApF.png?4 http://i.imgur.com/vXnEfmu.png?2
http://i.imgur.com/P8Wa9nq.png?2 http://i.imgur.com/MO4f3NF.png?2

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It’s a cool idea. If I get any free time ill try to mock up something on auto desk.

I think a larger hole would be necessary than 10mm. And a similar design has been done (minus the bearing)
look up the bist black hole. If it would be possible to separate the halves and add a bearing, I think it would basically be what he’s looking for. I was thinking something along the lines of replacing the axle with something more more like a threaded pipe, then placing a bearing with a very large diameter for the inner track over it as you would a normal yoyo. A bearing kind of like what patcondon used for his theory.

@idlehands: the magnetic cw metal stacks thing has been done before. Someone added magnets to a g5’s stacks.

this is the duncan that m.dev1 was referring to I believe

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This doesn’t exactly resemble a donut…

And you might not be able to put your finger through it…

But this is probably the closest to your idea that I can think of. I’m sure someone else can pull something out that tops it as far as ‘donut’ shape… I just imagine it would be difficult to do, considering to make it have a large enough hole would require a large bearing or something that would alter the physics considerably making it probably unplayable. But I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again… I ain’t no physicist and science always surprises me.


edit: the guy above me beat me to it. -_- I should have read the thread before commenting. Lesson learned

I would like to combine two existing products: CLYW with Gama Go(art of Tim Biskup).I have several Gama Go t-shirts which I love. I think that Biskup’s art is similar to CLYW and would mesh well and look great on their yoyos.

thanks dynikus. i wish yyf would make a production run of those, would be sweeeeet

Higby Summit?

I have some huge bearings.

If someone cane here is the plan-

Get a FIESTAxx or a Big Yo. Fine a huge bearing and carve out the cap (fiesta) on a fiesta so you can stick your finger through!!

I saw a vid with a yoyo that was hubless and seemed to do sptrings tricks pleasantly its called hubless yoyo project i think

Ok, so I was thinking about how a donut yoyo would play and realized that the huge bearing would raise the yoyo so high above its center of it would be hugely unstable. So, the center of gravity would have to be lowered, preferably below the string. How? I thought rolling weights could be inserted inside the rims. Would that work? Oh, and I realized it would need a hollow axle. Do they make those?

Actually jeffry pang made something like the huge hole in the yoyo thing. I think its on his channel

are you referring to what yoyosr2pro posted?

@yoyo kangaroo: do you mean like a small diameter threaded pipe?

would more rim weight make it more stable?

That would work, if you had a big enough bearing.

I know this is crazy an would never happen but. I want organic shaped yoyos to come back.gasp. I know very unusual.