Unresponsive yoyo suggestions.

I want to know from people with experience, because I’m still fairly new to the sport, what their favorite unresponsive yoyo is. I’m looking to buy a new one and need some suggestions.

My favorite is the Anglam. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a lot of great enjoyment out of an upgrade Classic or anything at a price point in between.

Budget friendly stuff can be found with God Tricks here.

One Drop and CLYW make amazing stuff.

YYJ, YYF and Duncan also make fantastic stuff.

Really, there’s a lot of amazing stuff here. It’s best to come up with a budget. Then, find something that looks eye-catching to you in shape and decoration and then ask about those.

As for what I may be playing at any given moment, I just grab what moves me and then play it.

The Code 1 is a favorite of mine, along with the General Yo Ministar. The Cliff is also starting to creep up my favorites list…

Good point. That’s kinda how I shop for new yoyos. I like hearing personal opinions though and seeing everyone’s favorite. I just bought a dark magic 2 and I love it so far, I also have the maverick and I like the feel of a metal yoyo. I still am wanting to own yyf yoyo but have no idea what to get, every yoyo catches my eye really.

The crossfire was one if my firsts, and I didn’t like it very much. I did like the h shape though and really would like another one that shape

The new YYF Shutter is supposed to sell for around $45(store price). I’m getting one tomorrow at a retailer near me.(Sorry YYE, but they offer me 25% off).

If this YYF is like I think it’s gonna be, then this is really gonna blow the lid off the sub-$50 metal market.

Back to the DM2: I almost always have one on me.

Back to YYF:
Ignore the “hate” stuff. There’s plenty of YYF’s I don’t like. Ain’t nothing wrong with any of them as they are all fine yoyos. What the issue is with those particular models is that they don’t work with my preferences. I didn’t like playing them. I’m just glad I was able to try first and didn’t buy.

As you go through this learning period, you have to figure this stuff out for yourself to determine your preferences. There’s no right or wrong, only what’s right for you. My biggest suggestion is to find other players and meet with them and try their stuff out if they will let you. At least this takes the cost factor out of the equation. You might make some bad purchases(read: you ended up not liking it). That’s part of the journey.

I’m really liking the looks of the shutter. Keep me updated when you get it.

About all I will be able to say is “I got it” and then take pictured of it to throw on my Facebook albums. I won’t get a chance to really dive deep and hard into that yoyo for over a week. I’m preparing for a multi-day event. I’ll probably spend at least 15 minutes on it.

It’s gonna drive the people nuts at the yoyo meet since I don’t play most items until after I’ve photographed them. I’ll just open up my “Case of Wonders” and they can try my CLYW’s and One Drops(among other goodies) to quiet down the masses!