Unresponsive yo-yo

I just bought a speeder today it was unresponsive.
just to ask… my friend has a speeder but his is responsive.
what should i do to make it responsive?

You could use thick lube or any alternative to thick lube. You can try double-wrapping the bearing, but that won’t work too good for string tricks.

If you don’t have regular YYJ thick lube, you could use vaseline or other oils that does not containt water or anything that can damage your bearing.

Just apply YoYoJam Thick Lube, I’m pretty sure that you’re learning Beginner tricks is it?

thks i will buy YYJ thick lube and yes im learning in the beginner tricks.

You could try double rapping, thick lube, ajust the gap as tight as possible, or just buff up & learn to bind.

i dont really care a yoyo for my friends to mess with all my friends are leaning binding and cpr starts.