Responsive Yoyo

My yoyo is way too responsive right now. I have a new Duncan Metal Zero 2 and it always randomly comes up when i’m doing the trick. I have two spacers in it but I haven’t put any thin lube on it yet. Is there a way besides gap size and lube to make it more unresponsive?Also, when i put lube on, do i put it just on the bearing or the spacers too? ???

You can try changing to another response pad or just remove one sticker from it. And you only need to put a very, very little bit of lube on the bearing.

Do you have to buy thin lube online or could you get it at a store?

I’ve heard that you can use Trumpet Valve Oil as well as other things as a replacement for YoYoJam lube. But I there are many stores that sell yo-yo things that aren’t online.

You have to buy YYJ lube online, however, there may be a couple stores taht sell it.

Some replacements as lube are: Trumpet Valve Oil, Bones Bearing Lube, Clipper Oil, etc.

Also, you may want to clean the bearing, then lightly lube it.

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well there is several different ways to make your yo yo unresponsive. (1. you can buy spacers for that particular yo yo.) (2 you can get size 6 string that is 5050 string.) (3 you can clean the Bering really good i have a video at the bottom to show you the best method on how to get it the cleanest.) (4 you can do as Kim said and take off one sticker. (5 you can take sand paper to the stickers and where em down a bit) and thats some ways to make it more unresponsive.

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Awesome! ;D Thanks a lot!