Unresponsive string tension not releasing?


So, I’ve been trying to loosen and tighten my string tension using a trick from YouTube, but it’s not working. Instead, the string that’s meant to spin in a very high velocity instead just tips over the yoyo and it falls down. Here’s the link where I learnt it:

(First trick in the video)


You’re probably tightening the sttring so the bearing cannot fully spin freely. Try the other way.


Done, still the same result


You want to line your none throw hand with the axle and have a bit of slack.

(Ken) #5

honestly I just do sidewinder binds, it’s much easier and faster to do.

(Tyler) #6

I usually do it from split bottom mount. Basically you get in to the mount, then pull your NT hand out and let it set on your throw hand. Then, like in the video, pull that middle string outward.