Unresponsive Legacy Help

I just got my legacy today and I am confused so far. The gap on it is huge and could easily fit 4-5 strings across before it touches either side. The response system is indented 1-2mm below flush with the plastic. When I try to do a trapeze bind nothing happens and the yoyo just drops. When I hand wind it I wrap it 5 times around my thumb then wind it the rest of the way and the string can still spin freely on the yoyo.

What am I doing wrong??? I’m trying to learn unresponsive with this yoyo but so far I can’t even figure out how to make it even work at all. Is the gap supposed to be this large? Is the response system supposed to be soo deep in the plastic instead of flush? And why does the string not grab even when hand winding it?

Response system (sorry for junk quality): http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/9105/0301102010.jpg

that’s because it is unresponsive, to wind the string, you need to first pinch the string then start wrapping, and yes the gap is huge because it is a unresponsive yoyo, but I will tell you that a DV888 has a bigger gap. another point is that you have a velocity so you can use that to work on binds before you get to a legacy, have fun with unresponsive play!


bind tut, there is also tuts all over youtube etc.

As I said I wrap the string around my thumb to wind it, and even after fully winding it, it still spins loosely. I know how to bind, I’ve watched the tut countless times and have done it on my velocity but this legacy just will not grab the string no matter what I do.

You said you wind the string around your thumb 5 times then around the yoyo? If so then there is your problem. Only wrap it around your finger once. Then wind it all the way up. Take your finger out of the loop and try it.

If I only wrap it once it won’t even start to wind and just spins completely free, 5 times is the only way I’ve gotten it to even stop spinning a little bit.

Edit: just realized I was typing it wrong, I wrap it around my thumb once and than 5 times around the yoyo before letting go of the loop on my thumb.

I thought that the Legacy had an adjustable gap, Try making the gap smaller, this is to assume I am correct in assuming that it is not a fixed gap.

Unless there’s a trick to it I don’t know about or a tool I don’t have it only has one size for the gap which is the same thickness as the bearing.

Is it normal for the response system to be so deep in the plastic? I don’t see how the string is supposed to grab the silicon being that deep.

Yeah it can be that deep.

This time don’t let go of the loop. Just keep winding.

Just on a thought, do you have a camera? If so can you take pics with another yoyo beside it so we can see the gap difference?
Also what does the response system feel like? Can you touch it with your fingernail? Is it rubbery?

Legacy is a fixed gap.

To the OP, try using a backspin bind.

That would normally help Nathan but he can’t even get it to wind by hand.

Is there any response system in the half of the yo-yo that’s pictured?

There is a response system in the pictured half but it is too deep to feel with my fingernail but using a key I can feel it compress.

Gap compare: http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/7980/0302001159.jpg

Opened picture: http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/7479/0302001158.jpg

Doing a normal throw has more than double the spin time of my Velocity and it has a much more comfortable weight and shape to it. Landing it on the string is much easier with it so far, soon as I figure out how to get it to return I’m really gonna go to town with this thing.

Very Well thanks for the info. :smiley:

Well the gap is normal. Most metal yo’s have that gap or bigger.
You said you just got the legacy. Did you buy it used or new? If it was used then someone could have used flowable silicone on it and not have put enough in it.

Bought it new from YoYoNation. Came in a small generic YYJ box. Should I remove the pads in it and replace it with flowable silicon? The vids all say to use a spoon to add the finished indented surface, is this good advice?

The response in it should be fine. No need to put sili in it. Binding from a trapeze is really hard to do back do a backspin bind like Nathan said. Wrap the yoyo more than 5 times and see if that works.

Well I can do a Reverse bind now so I guess that alone boils it down to user error on my part. Just need to get the hang of how I’m supposed to drop the string into the yoyo to get it to grab. The reverse bind works sometimes but it like the tut claims it also has a habit of grabbing too much and making it difficult to throw.

Now I’m lost. you now say you can get it to bind but before you couldn’t even get it to wind up by hand?

Winding up the whole thing while holding the loop did the trick instead of letting go after 5 wraps. As for binding, I can only get it to work sometimes by doing a reverse bind, and by throwing the string straight down onto the yoyo instead of just letting go of it.

Keep working on that and you’ll get it every time.