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so i rediscovered my old yomega yoyos, got back into throwing, and have moved up in the world…ever so slightly. I recently bought a legacy after learning basics and some intermediate with a yomega wing force. Now that i have my legacy, i can still do these tricks, just minus the returns. yes, i can bind, but after watching the learn videos over and over i see that hes returning his dark magic without binding…am i missing something?


The Dark Magic and the Legacy are different yoyos that employ different response systems. The Legacy is a flush silicone response system that is designed to play completely undesponsive, while the Dark Magic has a hybrid o-ring/starburst response and an adjustable gap that allows it to play anywhere from somewhat responsive to unresponsive.

With the Legacy, binds are required. His Dark Magic was probably set to a narrower gap in the videos you saw which allowed him to tug return. That’s just not possible with your yoyo without changing a lot about it.


man, wish i had payed more attention to that when i bought it i was under impression that they were more or less the same, just different materials thats why the legacy was cheaper. bu now i realize the legacy is same shape, but different response and such.

am i wrong in that the legacy is suppose to have an adjustable gap???


The Legacy does not have an adjustable gap.


if you double wrap your string like the yomegamania dvd your legacy will be tug responsive


ive tried that…didn’t work out so well…its really disappointing cause i was so excited about getting the legac and its turned out not what i thought…obviously im still working at it…but frustrated


Best advice I can give is to be patient and keep trying. You’ll find how your Legacy likes to be bound, and then it’ll be a non-issue. Once you get to that point, your Legacy and you should get along quite nicely. It’s a great yoyo, you just have to invest the time in learning the binds really well. If you want to get into the really advanced stuff, it’s something you’d need to do eventually anyway.


Definatly, I really like it, but find myself getting really frustrated with binds either knotting or not working smoothly, and i feel that where im at now, its not a visually appealing way to return after tricks.

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I was the same way just a while ago when i picked up a grind machine in the same position as you and it frustrated me to no end with binding. Just keep practicing binding whenever you do tricks and you’ll get it easy way to practice binding while learning all the tricks. Best of luck to you!