Unresponsive Brain? What?

I got a couple of Brains in a trade today. Mainly I have them for trying to teach other people but also to start a bit of 2a. Anyway, I have them double wrapped but they are still dead unresponsive. Anybody know why? It might just be that I need to play with them some more but I’m not sure.

Are you serious? That’s weird because they were responsive the last time I used them.

No need for two posts.

Yeah. There is a modify button.

Yes they are unresponsive. Not sure why. They do come up when the clutch kicks in but that’s it. I can’t loop at all with them because they don’t come back.

Sorry they’re different from eachother but my Itouch had this weird mess up.

Delete the one you made the mistake on.

try some thick lube.

Yep, Mikey posted a few minutes before me, while i was posting this after i read through some other pages… Thick lube the axle, it will really work.

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Ok what are some replacements for it? I don’t have any actual thick lube and when other people have asked I have forgetten the answer because well I don’t usually need any.

Oh and I just realized I called it reponsive when I meant unreponsive. Changed.

Vaseline(Petroleum jelly) is the awesomeness. Its more responsive than thick lube according to Jayyo.

You can also use trumpet valve oil and sewing machine oil.

Yomega brain lube?

He’s probably reffering to all sorts of company lubes.

Yeah. The only lube I have is YYJ thin lube, not thick, but the Vaseline worked well. Thanks.

Brains or any other “clutch” response yos are going to be unresponsive until the yo yo slows down enough for the cltuch to engage.

I’ve never had this happen until now and I’ve had two other Brains. Also, the guy that I got them from said they were really responsive when he had them. Not to be mean but that doesn’t make sense, especially since it’s a transaxle. Of course, it could just be me not thinking right.

It could be the O-rings on the inside have worn out. You’re not thinking wrong, you’re speaking from experience. Physics just says that if those o-rings on the inside are worn out then they wont respond until the yo slows down.

That makes sense, but with a transaxle isn’t much of the friction between the axle and the sleeve part?

JM is right now that i think about it.


The clutch mechanism is clutching onto that rubber o-ring over there. If the o-ring is worn out, the clutch mechanism has less friction on the sleeve. Yes, there is friction between the sleeve and the axle, but that doesn’t make it return to your hand. Like how fix axle yoyos have a lot more friction, but they don’t return to your hand because of that.

I was just randomly thinking, what about putting a friction sticker over there on top of one side’s starburst? ??? Friction stickers make everything responsive.

That does make sense actually.

I think I’ll just stick with the thick lube because I don’t have any friction stickers and I don’t want to have to replace anything.