Unrelated Discussion on "Recent Posts"

I know a lot of people here really enjoy the “Unrelated Discussion” section of the Forum. However, I really like using the front page to see the new posts (where it says, “Most Recent Posts”).

I would like it if posts from the Unrelated Section were not included on the front page. This is a forum about yoyos, and I feel like if people want to talk about something else, they can go to the Unrelated Section.

We lost one of our greatest members (DocRobot) because we have so much nonsense on the forums. I think this would be an easy way for us to find yoyo related posts without weeding through all of the Unrelated stuff.


I agree. I rarely ever click on something that’s in the Unrelated Discussion.

Well, one thing you could do is go to the Unrelated Section and click Mark Read every time. It’s not the same thing, but it’s an option.

You are totally right on that. But however, it is most recent posts. It is on YOYOeXpert.Com, but that doesn’t mean it is all about Yo-Yos.


You’re right, but this IS YOYOexpert.com

I don’t think it’s too much of a deal. I usually reads all the most recent ones and then I just browse through the general section. There’s like 8 posts in the most recent posts thing so it won’t take long time to just un-newify (?) them.

I know, but like I said," but that doesn’t mean it is all about Yo-Yos."

You’re right, it is YOYOeXpert.Com.

The chat room isn’t Yo-Yo related. We talk about Yo-Yos, but it’s not related.

As the person who probably spends the most time in the chat room, I find that the chat discussions stay yoyo related for most of the time. But we do talk about a lot of other stuff there too.

The unrelated section is something I rarely browse through. I read through all the sections except the BST and the unrelated section. And yes, you do have to look a lot before you can find a thread which is worth posting in. And you can’t really stop people from posting the nonsense we see.

I’m trying to post less in the unrelated discussion because it dosn’t give us any post counts. ;D

Post count doesn’t matter though. Why do you want more post count?

Maybe he wants a lot of posts?

I don’t know. To some people it matters.

I wouldn’t see why. Quality over quantity.

What about both? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are always some useless posts.

Yeah. random

Jayyo (IMO) is a good example of quality over quantity.


what like he said i am no longer posting here or somthing??