Unpopular Yoyo Opinions

Ball bearings should be made out of cheese, and response pads should be made of dried mayonnaise.


I definitely understand where people are coming from now when they say they don’t like bimetals. I made a thread a while back about this very topic and had much less experience with bimetals at the time. Now that I’ve played a variety of different bimetals I can appreciate the perspective of the rim weighted ones all feeling similar. There is definitely much more of a consistent feel among those compared to bimetals with SS rings placed more in the middle of the body. Those with 7068 bodies seem like they stand out even more in this regard as there’s even more of the overall weight concentrated on the rims.

So if you don’t like one rim weight bimetal you’re probably not going to like others, and if you do like one you’ll probably like most of them.

I’m personally starting to find that I’m not a big fan of that amount of weight concentrated on any part of a yoyos body, at least for 1A, and apart from the bimetal Shutter I don’t plan on getting any for a while. That amount of weight in any given spot just makes the yo-yo feel heavier to me overall.

So I definitely don’t disagree that bimetals are probably the most effective in terms of power and stability I think it says a lot that they aren’t common in competitions still.


Here’s my big opinion lately

Yoyoers care way way too much about how made a trick up. It doesn’t matter at all. Who cares? Who cares anyway? Respect the founders of yoyo and know the scene, but just yoyo, man. There’s no need to just comment on every video on earth with “yeah I did this trick already.” There’s no reason. Nobody cares. I don’t care if I made this trick up, I don’t care if you made this trick up. Me posting a trick is not the same thing as me peeing on the fire hydrant: I’m not marking my territory. I’m just posting a trick I think is cool. It is entirely unnecessary to throw a fit because you already did that.

Man I am over it.


I like this and I propose a new point of debate:

What’s the difference between “being inspired by” and “stealing” a trick in the modern state of yoyo and it’s community? Considering the two main souces of tricks: Contests and social media.


But, “Brent was inspired by” doesn’t have nearly the catchiness as “Brent Stole” :wink:


I dont think people care as much about “stealing tricks” at least in the contest scene. You can literally see a lot of similar tricks from top competitors/wildcards


I think that if someone wants the community to know (and forever remember) they invented a trick, then they should name it after themselves (ala McBride’s Rollercoaster). If someone else creates a variant of it, then they will inevitably mention what it is a variant of, thus giving credit where it is due.

As in many pursuits, the roots of something are forgotten over time. Fortunately, there is some record of guys like Paul Escolar on youtube.

Who’s “first” at a style or technique goes on in many activities, it can be quite a subject for debate. Chances are, whatever you come up with has likely been done, but if you check out Sector Y, you’ll see they were on to something that was unique for its time.

Yo-yoing is a good example of synthetic art, putting familiar things back together in new ways to be creative. It’s a good thing.


I’m a big proponent of the idea that we don’t INVENT tricks so much as DISCOVER them.
It’s like Michaelangelo saying that the sculpture was always there in the rock - he just had to uncover it. (“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”)

It’s like there’s just ONE trick and we reveal little portions of it collectively, one trick at a time. We all stand on the shoulders of the throwers who came before us, so the idea that what we find somehow belongs to us independently is, to me, absurd. We own the canon together; take care of it together.

As someone who’s pretty much constantly probing the next idea I’ve never seen, I think that to feel PART of that endeavor is a lot more meaningful and exciting than whatever credit you sometimes get for it.


Ed, I was just thinking “Ed would be good to chime in here,” and voila.


Oh, for sure. There’s a lot of instances in which elements from other players become hugely popular and standard for competition. Some of them:

  • Yuuki Spencer’s slack rejection to upside down GT.
  • Takahiko Lizuka’s GT suicide sequence.
  • Andrew Bergen’s red triangle sequence, which is just a modified version of what Lizuka does with GT’s. You can see Remy, Polo, Palli and many others using this.
  • Andrew Bergen’s Rejection tower.
  • Almost anything Keiran does on stage.
  • Gentry’s chopstick appliance to competitive yoyoing, which comes directly from Augie Fash.
  • etc, etc, etc.

Is this bad? not at all, but I do remember some instances of people crediting Evan Nagao for inventing tricks Daniel Kim did, and that did bother Daniel if I remember correctly.

Edit: found one example of what i’m talking about.

Even you can see how Remy references “fidget spinner 2.0”, which is the name Evan gave to his popular trick that was based entirely on Daniel’s previous one (to Evan’s credit, he has credited Daniel as the creator of this trick numerous times). Then Evan mentions how Kevin Nicholas has done something similar, probably to lighten the mood that has set over the conversation due to his past incidents with Daniel’s tricks. Then, Kevin chimes in to back up Evan lol.


I agree with all of that. I feel like that would tick anyone off if they didnt get credit for a trick they made. I guess using other peoples tricks is shat i should’ve said, not giving credit is definitely an issue to me and probably others as well.


If I learn something and record it I always mention that I learned it (and usually from where if I remember), and if it’s something I’m “making up” i say that “I’m working on it,” because no doubt someone else has probably already done it, named it, and moved on, even if I’ve not seen it myself.


I think bimetal have a really awesome feeling…and a lot of power and it makes me appreciate monometals more when they have that same powers but I don’t think you need rims to achieve that feeling anymore…monometal design is better than bimetal design and bimetal s are obsolete…I like them but they aren’t needed anymore…first base is an awesome throw and you are out of your mind!!!

I think this community normalizes unhealthy yo-yo spending habits :face_with_head_bandage:

*I will say though, a lot of companies operate on a FOMO agenda, leading people to make purchases just because they don’t wanna miss out - I think this encourages edacious behavior which is no bueno

Just my 2C


I learned a new acronym and a new word from one post. Thanks!


I like voracious better. It sounds more aggressive somehow.



hungry; voracious; greedy

Wow, so many ways to say the same thing. Esurient is not a word I have ever used in writing or speech, doubt many people would know what I said anyway.

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I fully admit that FOMO was probably the primary reason I picked up the TiVayder.


The orgin of the term FOMO has an interesting history, and is traced to an article written at Harvard as I found out.

I think it applies to relationships as well.

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