Unknown yo-yo string official thread, update 5/26/14

I keep seeing other younger string makers passing me by, got to keep with the times!

My BST is getting too darn long! So i think im going to post the pictures and descriptions here pm me with any questions

Big thanks for Legyoyo with the new string pictures!


Our jack rabbits have been compared to kitty for its feel and price, most players like it more due to its whipping quality’s and slight plastic’y feel. 110% polyester
3.00 for a ten pack!

They come in baby blue and all neon colors!

Kinda rough in the beginning, but boy, these things are fast, and and and… Just try them…


Yellow snow
Yeah, kinda gross sounding right? Well our jackrabbit had an accident with some snowdrifts, we were about to throw them away, but then, hey they don’t play that bad.

A tad thinner, and they whip very smoothly.



Jackalopes, like jackrabbits but with a nylon twist, smooth, nice on the hands, loved by GregP, james reed, and others. $3.50 a pack.


Phats, again, Jackrabbits with a twist, blended with embroydery thread and signature string of Noah Lovold! Much better whip but thicker and a little bit rougher too! $7 a ten pack.

The jackrabbits big brother, these strings are thicker and softer than there brothers and get slightly longer with play. polyester/nylon
4.50 for a ten pack


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Hey everyone so we have a big update planned!
New string!
New artwork in packaging!
And much more, so keep your eyes open and watch this thread.

how many strings per unit? and will you consider selling lager amounts per unit if there is enough intrest?

Ten strings per unit, i will give a discount if you buy more than one.

Modman’s Whipmaster strings is a sponsor of the Fixed Axle February Video Contest!

Hey every one so that new string i was promising… it’s here! i introduce to you Drumroll
ANGEL HAIR!!! Yes the new string is angel hair, whips with ease very fast and gets softer the more you play with it!

Also we are looking for a player to sponser, thats right sponsored that means FREE STRINGS plus prototypes. Just post a video in this thread and you will be entered.

so we post a link in this thread right here and then we’re entered to be sponsored?

Sadly the name angel hair is already taken :’( so they are now JACKRABBIT STRINGS! fast and fuzzy like a jackrabbit.

Also to clarify about the sponsorship, you post a video of yourself doing tricks. If i like it you will be on the Unknown Yoyo String team!

ok thanks! I’m not very good, though. No way someone would sponsor me yet…

The picture of the strings is wrong (curse you bad camera).
It is a really vibrant neon yellow, the kind that every body likes, just like the kitty neon yellow.

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I’ll post a video after Cal states Saturday :slight_smile:


Here is my entry. :slight_smile:

Dude if you want to join then your in! let me know. please pm me your address too.

What camera did you use? It looks amazing.

I would love to enter, BUT I have started doing other peoples tricks lately, since it takes me weeks to make up one, usually. But I guess I still have skill, just don’t think you will sponsor somebody with unoriginal tricks

:smiley: PM’ed!

Sony NEX-3, added color correction in Sony Vegas.

If your looking for future potential then I think I could do it :wink: but if your looking for pure talent then nvm…I’ve only been throwing 4 months… Oh and if I were you I would PM HipposLoveCereal before somebody else snags him up


HAHA YESS I’m a huge fan of his stuff