Unique throws?


Hey guys! So I am wondering about any unique throws that are fun to play with. I have many great competition throws but instead of spending more money on the same type of yoyo I want to get something else. So what’s a yoyo that when you throw, you think “wow, this is such a unique, different and fun throw!”


monkeyfinger apex and forte are for sure

oversize stuff like the sentinel, overdrive, and cliff are a load of fun as well

Undersize stuff as well deserves a mention like the smooth move


Most fun and unique yoyo IMO, the X3 Aware. So fun, the fingerspins it allows are insane and it is just super fun to play.


ILYY Pybit
CLYW Cliff
Werrd Centinal
Werrd Pacquiao
Tenyoyo Wet Whistle
YYF Mighty Flea
OD Dingo

Those are some of the most unique off the top of my head.




Pretty much all of Landon Balk’s design’s. I like to think that my SPYY Amplifier is unique, especially the cup design.


Do you know what size the Aware is? (Undersized, oversized)


The aware is right at that funny size that could make it an undersized to some, and regular to others. The diameter is 52.5mm. It’s a bit light as well weighing in at just under 64grams.
It’s a great YoYo for sure, and some of the colorways are awesome.

Another really cool X Cubed to check out is the “Teh Yo”. It’s a rather large diameter, and short width YoYo that is an absolute blast to throw. I’m constantly throwing mine just because it’s so unique and well behaved. It has a very nice feel in your hand.
You can see it here:

Hope that helps.


IMO the C3 halo is pretty unique. It’s not necessarily the fastest or most stable kid on the block, but it smoothly eats up the tricks you throw at it with a chill, relaxing pace.


Wooly marmot 2, pretty unique.


Werrd Pacquiao, Werrd Poo


There are alot of unique yoyos out there but some in my collection are:

Noctu: I have both the older 52.1mm 64 gram Blue one and the Newer 55.1mm 68.5 gram Splash models, the newer one plays like the bigger brother of the older one, but they play like nothing else I have, those crazy rims play like no other! Very unique!! Love them!

Josy Ann: at almost 58mm diameter and only weighing 60 grams (site says 64, weighed mine several times and its 60.00 on the dot, either I got a prototype that isnt listed or it should say 60?) even 64 is really light for 58mm! Wont out spin my Chief or anything but has decent spin time, I can still do combos on it and everything.

Avant Garde 2/MVP 2: The undercut design is very cool, pick AG2 if you like more floaty or MVP2 if you like faster more solid…

Cliff: has the cool undercut + is HUGE like 59mm, but is zippy fast and dead smooth!

Eternal Throw Victory: Only other brand with the protruding double weight rings, also similar shape to the Chief. Plays like a lighter more agressive Chief, I know that isnt unique but people always are like “I love the Chief, what plays like it?” esp people that like the lighter version of the Chief I would say get a Victory!!

Those are just ones I have, ILYY has some cool throws to look for, Strum Panzer’s Bi Metals, Titaniums, there really are alot of unique throws. I myself also look for unique throws from time to time and get bored of all the normal throws and also like to stray from the normal =).


Thanks for the suggestions! I am really interested in the Cliff, Werrd stuff, AG2, Dingo, and the Aware. Thanks for the help!


The most unique throw I’ve thrown is the Yoyorecreation Clashcube. It’s tiny, really wide, D-bearing… it’s just so strange that it doesnt really feel like a yoyo when you’re throwing it…

That being said it’s hard to get hold of, and rather expensive for what it is IMO.

I’ll throw in another vote for the CLYW Cliff. Huge, weird shaped, floaty floaty fun. Haven’t played anything else like it really.


From my collection,

Auldey Ares Star: Huge, has propeller matador spikes. Also dead smooth.

YYR Draupnir: Unusually stable and long-spinning for a light yo-yo. Binds super tight. Feels different from everything else.

YYM Agonist: Even lighter than the Draupnir but spins longer

Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK II: Dark blue version is 59.7/56/40 bimetal which makes it ungodly fast

Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre: Huge, and with caps it’s over 70g. Spins forever.