Looking for a unique playing throw.

I haven’t been throwing much for the past few months, and I’m feeling like I need a new throw to reignite my interest. I’m looking for something that just plays unique. I know that’s pretty vague, but what is the most unique throw that you’ve ever played with? I’m looking to keep it under $100, and I tend to prefer lighter, mid to undersized throws, but I’m open to any suggestions.

Define unique

Haven’t played one yet, but the Werrd Pacquiao looks unique.

“Unique” – literally just means “one of a kind”. So if we treat each model as “one of a kind”, they all play unique. :wink:

If you haven’t tried a Code 1 yet, I find there’s something pretty special about it. Feels weird hopping around all floaty-like… and that’s with spikes. I bet it’d be even stranger with ultra-lights. :wink:

The MFD Lesula is a unique player for sure.

Ermm… Duncan Mosquito! Nothing quite like it.

Wrath. Nothing else I’ve played has the same feeling in the hand, they play fantastic. At 55, its not too big, and its also light and zippy. Really fun throw.

MFD Lesula.

Extremely unique.
In a good way!

By unique I’m just referring to throws that were just a bit of a refresher or shocker when you first threw them. Something that plays different than anything else you’ve played. The kind of throw that is difficult to describe because it’s so hard to compare to anything else. :]

I had a Wrath, and it sure was unique, but I let it go on the BST a while ago. I’m definitely regretting that now because of the play, but I wasn’t fond of the colorway I had so that was really the deciding factor. And we know they aren’t easy to come by. >.< I may have to look into MFD though, there throws are a bit wacky.

I’m really excited for some of the lighter yoyos coming out from smaller companies. Two in particular that i plan to pick up are the Pulsefire by a YYE forum member, and the Birch by Broken Finger Yo-Yos. Both look amazing and unlike current yoyos out there. Lesula, lots of X3, Sturm Panzers, CLYW Bonfire, and many more, are all also worth a look.

The Pulsefire is GREAT. Mine has a bit of vibe that I haven’t tried tuning out yet, but I don’t mind. It’s an absolutely fantastic light throw.

X^3 aware. Weird shape amazing and rather unique play.

I’ve only owned/thrown about half of these, the rest I’m going based on specs/appearance:

All the Sturm Panzer Stuff

MFD Evil Yo, Lesula, Forte

CLYW Cliff, Glacier Express, Puffin, H5xChief

Crucial Jirorian

YYF Mutant DNA

Anti-Yo YWET

Some of these are pretty wacky yoyos. If I was just suggesting yoyos that I’ve enjoyed a ton I’d suggest the Quake, Bonfire, Yeti or Cascade

You could always take a stab at getting multiple Yoyos and go with companies like GodTricks, Zeekio, Magic Yoyo, Aoda, Auldey, etc.

The Triton has its own feel. Its a little outta your price range though if ur lookin for 100-

Good call on the Puffin. The H5xChief (or straight up H5 for that matter) has a really fun and really interesting feel. Oversized, though, which takes you outside your usual thing. For me that’s part of finding unique, though, is going a different direction.

Of all the ones I’ve seen suggested so far, I wonder if in fact H5xChief is the most different yet satisfying one…

The master Galaxy was a very interesting throw as well as the jirorian. As for something with a more normal shape the Irony JP is pretty unique.