That Throw That Just Has That Unique Characteristic


For me I’d say the Torrent II. It has this really unique ringing sound when you bind it up. What are your thoughts on some throws with their own unique aspects?

Summit its just so smooth and flowy.

Also the Avalanche I really like the way it grinds

Mighty flea its tiny.
aoda immortal star I mean its a key chain, no wait a yoyo, no a top. ehh its unique that is for sure.
Eli dirt, Its aluminum with tungsten rings. that’s not normal.
YYF grind machine it doesn’t have matching halfs.
Duncan Mg It is forged then machine cut, and its made of Mg.

Cascade. So versatile

Haven’t thrown anything else that feels like the yym checkmate and love the way it plays.

besides that there’s the RSL and the rhong tu

Also the roo-yo and pacquiao were extremely unique. Pac for how floaty it is and rooyo for it’s dimple feeling.

Eli dert like schnayke said is great along with the jirorian. Dert because it feels like a full size even though it mini and jirorian because it’s giant but super fun.

The draupnir has a pretty unique feeling. Pretty light and agile, with the spin power and stability of a heavy weight.

sparhawk beat me to the Werrd Pacquiao, but I’mma add my voice anyhow.

So light; you’ve never thrown anything like it. Also hits the hand nicely on the catch thanks to the organic shape.

Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre. It’s oddness is really why I fell in love with it. It’s outrageously stable, and kinda quirky in its shape, with some big brass…rings. Oh and unlike the the Pacquiao, this hits your hand with a thump that makes you know you’ve been throwing a tank. First time I threw it, it nearly had my arm off.

Need one so bad!

I’d add to the list any titanium, as well as the Noctu, Uragment/Fragment, Stealth Ogre, Laser, newer ones i’ve gotten would be the Seed and Ape-X, honestly a ton more. People get so focused on typical competition shapes/sizes, but there really are a lot of unique, fun yoyos out there.

The hspin envy series

All of these yoyos are so strange but so much fun to play because the extreme shapes

The grey (unpainted) Mg without caps felt like nothing else I’ve ever thrown, and not because it cost $500. The ring it makes is just amazing and it has a unique feel in the hand. I miss it, the black one just isn’t the same…

The silver prepro 888. I have honestly never felt anything else like it.

I would say the cascade because of the shape and of how good it is!
Then I would say the phenom with the caps on. It has a hollow feel to it but it’s so good

He draupnir has a feeling like no other

Auldey Photon Spirit
Yoyojam Synergy
Everybody already knows.

Here’s a list of some unique playing Yoyos I’ve owned or still own:

Ti Walker
Mr Butcher
Crazy D
The V

There’s a ton more but those stick out to me

The BTH for is crazy spin times and bicep workout.

Krown, just so stable and light on the string.


So comfertable in hand