The "they made this throw just for me" thread

Everyone has that one throw that fits them or their style perfect, it might not even be your favorite or best performing throw. But it just feels like the company made it with you in mind.
Here is mine "for obvious reasons
Tell us about yours :slight_smile:

the 2014 genesis is a perfect fit it plays nice smooth and slow exactly how i play, then it can zip as fast as I can move for when i need a speed combo.

I don’t have one of these because I like lots of yoyos. I prefer solid, but fast as well as alecto, but I can’t name just one throw that I enjoy.

Definitely the Dragon slayer cascade!! Fits perfect in my hand stable… Finger spins and grinds… can switch out for spikes or domes for matador tricks… It is definitely the yoyo for me!! can handle anything you throw at it!!

I haven’t had a lot of yoyos but the KLR seems about perfect to me right now. But I think I’d like it a bit better if it was 2-3 grams lighter.

I would go with the YYF Aviator. It is a monster on stability and spinning power. It fits nicely in hand and it can even fingerspin. :smiley:

The original bvm ^ ^
The shape is so rounded and perfect, it plays like nothing else.

USA Hatrick: undersized, fast, and beautiful

any yoyo that sleeps long, stable, and easy to land a trick

Albatross,it just suits everything i do,its my lil buddy i take everywhere with me

i’m waiting or someone like paul dang to get on and talk about their yoyo that was really made for them.

I’d say a YYF supernova or a G-Squared Albatross. Both are my regular throws and I love the way we bond with every single throw.

Helium is rabu, Helium is raifu


Man, I’ve been straight up lucky to have worked with amazing people on throws “made just for me”. I haven’t had the most signature series by a longshot, but I think I’ve had the raddest AND been the most fortunate, especially given how weird my style is and how poorly suited it is for competition. A bit early for Thanksgiving, but you rock SPYY, TMBR, YoYoExpert, John Higby, and Tom Kuhn.

Lol your example is in the fashion of extreme litteralism Ed. To have worked with some of the best manufactures on the best designs is really quite amazing. I try not to get jealous often, but I have to say I can’t help but to be envious lol.