Help me find a new throw. :)

There are so many yoyos in the shop I’ve been going through all the manufacturers and haven’t found anything that catches my eye. I’m looking for two things: competitive and unique. I own a oxygene megatron and it has both those qualities perfectly. I’ve been searching for another yoyo that fits the bill but can’t find one. Help please? Price is not a factor.

A competitive throw but is still unique… Hmm, take a look at the CLYW Cliff, I would say the shape is pretty unique, and at the same time, the shape allows it to have powerful spin times and be good at horizontal tricks. The YYJ Hex is also a tad bit unique, with the titanium ring and great engravings.

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the 2014 genesis is an amazing throw, it is unique and a huge player. I happen to know a guy who has a pulsar colorway who might be willing to sell.

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The Cliff is indeed a very unique yoyo, I love mine to bits. The only problem is it’s no longer made by CLYW and you rarely see them for sale. Still, if you can get your hands on one, it’s something you won’t really find anywhere else.  ;D

If money genuinely isn’t an issue and you like Oxygene, there are still some Hyperion’s in stock (they’re actually shaped a lot like the Cliff):

Titanium, obscure shape, strange engravings and anodising… doesn’t get much more unique than that.

(I can’t comment on the play since I’ve never owned one myself.)

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Thank you for taking the time to suggest. I actually own a YYJ Hex. For the reasons you mentioned and the ridged grind areas, seperates it from other designs I’ve seen. Plays great too. I’m more accustomed to wide H or V shape yoyos though. As for the CLYW CLiff, I don’t see it in the store.

I went into the shop. That would be the most current Genesis correct? It looks very interesting in shape but still nothing too eye catching. What the above suggested, the Cliff looks interesting but not for sale. I would go with a Hyperion from Oxygene but I rather try a new manufacturer.

The Cliff has my attention. Very unique rim and overall shape. But not for sale. So can’t really buy that. As for the Hyperion, it’s one of my first picks but I settled with the Megatron as it had a more interesting shape to me. I feel like trying another Manufacturer.

okay the 2014 genesis hasnt had a full release yet only pre-release versions like the pulsar and the usa editions.

Scour the BST, Cliffs pop every now and then for fairly cheap :slight_smile:

Yoyorecreation Draupnir would be a unique throw to get. Absolutely amazing performance and stainless steel rims

The japan technology FiReal is a pretty unique material but I think it sold out finally at all stores

Maybe a sOMEThING Phaser

I would take a good look at the G2 “AfterShock”

it’s a bit unique in it’s shape and weight distribution, but more importantly it’s an absolute delight to throw. It also has some awesome colorways available.

Here’s a CLYW Cliff on the BST,80043.0.html

try some of the new benchmark 2014s!!!

The phaser looks pretty nice. But I think I’m liking the One Drop Valor.

Do it. Right now. Get the Valor, you won’t be disappointed unless you hate amazing yoyos.

Valor is an awsome yoyo, but it’s not super unique… I’d try Yoyomonster. Just got two of them and they are truly fantastic performers. They’re unique both in play and by the fact that they’re very uncommon.

fireal is in stock again

get a tp or yyr if price is not a problem

Soo… You’ve tried it?

I m nowhere near as rich as native Norwegians are thought to be. lol
and btw they just sold out again a moment ago