Undersized Organic Rally?


I think OD should make an undersized organic Rally. Something around 52mm diameter and 40mm wide.

I love my Rally, but I am sure I would like it more undersized!

Am I crazy or does anyone else think this would be awesome?


Wouldn’t be a rally anymore would it?


Agreed, it wouldn’t be a rally anymore, but if OD made a smaller plastic I would want one. I like smaller throws with an upper limit of about 56mm. 52-54mm is my preferred range. The only thing that has kept me from buying a rally so far is the large diameter.


They could rename it the Baja. Baja is similar to Rally, just smaller.


Yeah, I definitely agree, they should make a smaller sized rally. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rally… But, I also would like an undersized plastic similar to the rally, and I’m sure onedrop would for sure be the ones that could pull off a great seller like the rally again.


Alrighty, time to wait another 3 years! :smiley:


Interesting read…


I like my rally, but would love an organic one.


Undersized organic plastic from OD would be amazing.


Don’t be a clown… The nice thing is, the guys from OD actually read and like to listen to the community’s suggestions, even if it does take a little while to get out, we should all be grateful that they actually listen to us.


I don’t even understand why you’re criticising my light hearted joke…are you saying I’m not allowed to be humorous? It wasn’t even mocking OD.
Bro, you’re looking way too deeply into one simple sentence!


Haha, OK, didn’t know you were joking. No need to get defensive back if it was just a joke. No hard feelings. We’ll just leave it at that.


Cough cough speedaholic cough cough


Paul if needed I will gladly volunteer to assist with beta testing. :slight_smile:


I’ll keep you in mind Jon. :slight_smile:


Me too… I love organic undersized anything! Cascade is one of my favs.


Me three! I love organic shapes!!


I’m all for this.

The closest thing I can see if the YYF counter attack.


x3! It would be cool to be a tester! But also, a plastic that would be similar to the shape and size of the cascade would be perfect! Right now, I’ve been playing the hell out of my cascade.


Undersized plastics are rare for a reason.