Underrated players

(velez_adrian) #1

Who do you all think is an underrated player?



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^ Lol

Darnell Hairston

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There is tons of underrated players out there in this community

This issue is that its all subjective, its all based entirely on opinion.

I could tell you that my boy Nehemiah Peterson is an underrated yoyoer. He has technical skills that can equal to that of Zach Gormley in the tech department.

(2Sick Joey) #5

Some that pop to mind:
Philip White
Adam Schultz
David Kane
JT Nickel
Aaron Davis

(Erik Kerber ) #6

Zach Gustafson


The white brothers (Stuart and Phillip)
Tylor Mccaulimore

(Rock Shouse) #8

Andrew Mailer

(velez_adrian) #9

Zach Gustafson,
Adrian velez
Owen ekblad
Kyle nations
Andrew Maider
John narum
Lori yamaki


Daniel dietz

(Owen) #11


(velez_adrian) #12

Ooo I forgot Sid seed.


He must be underrated! I’ve never heard of him! ;D


Seriously? (Thank you was unintentionally).


Neither of these… they already get the fame they deserve

You do get a little bit of acclaim.


Anthony Rojas

He’s an amazing talent that never stops impressing the heck out of me every time I have the chance to see him.

(Former National 4A Champion) #17

No way, people already know he’s really good.

He’s the guy who delivers your yoyos


Most of the players mentioned, I don’t think really care. They yoyo for arts sake.

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It seems he disagrees with you to some extent. And, he hit the thank you button on your earlier post, by accident. I think that’s what he means.