Most Underrated Player

I saw the “Most OverRated Player” thread, and I saw the chance for negativity. So I decided to make this thread, which instead boasts negativity to the players, it gives them positivity. (No offense to the creator of the other thread.)

So lets get started: Who is the most underrated yoyo player you know of?

Zach: He is recognized enough and everything, but really needs more. Hes a fantastic player.

Bergy: Can you say smooth, awesome, and amazing?

John Chow: In need of no words.

All of them, and many more are great players. Who else should we add to the list?


Oh! Thats a great one! Nice thinking Batyrn!!!


no im kidding, kim-lan does deserve to be reckegnised(spelling?) more though

gward is SUPER under rated hes amazing!

John Narum!!

I watched him and hung out with him for a bit, HE IS A BEAST. He can do anything, and he is probably the nicest person I’ve met. He is reconized but not enough for some of the things he can do!

Whenever I think of this forum, I think of you, Andre, and Kim-Lan (there’s a street named after you. Kim street.) Maybe because you guys were helping me when I came… or chat…

grant johnson. seen his vids and he got almost all styles down hes the reason i just ordered my 2 sunsets so we’ll see how i do but he is REALLY underated his supernatural vid is breathtakin!

Logan,he is a great player.Also,I think vasheck(spelling? :P),he is great,but not many people know exacly who he is.

Hey thanks that made me happy. :slight_smile:

I think Lim-Aik-Hwee is EXTREMELY underrated.
Just look…

guy wright (by far the most visually impressive player ive ever seen)

Luo Yi Cheng: Such an amazing style, and so smooth even with speed.

Samad. ;D

Sebastian Brock, It’s funny how he makes those weird faces. Keeps me laughing

Rey Iwakura: His tricks never miss during his freestyles. Also enjoys entertaining and acts like a dancer.

Takeshi: little pipsqueak with a lot of speed and smooth tricks.

Augie: Looks like he doesn’t care about the title but wants to enjoy himself during routines. I repsect that

Mark Montgomery: Gets the crowd in the rhthym

you just made my day :smiley: I agree with juan’s 5a. he got 4th in BAC but no attention compared to others. :-\

YOU are really underrated too.
Yoshi told me that you are really good.

Yoshi and you secondly just made my day. :smiley:

Josh Yee and Sean Vanzandt, great players.

John Narum, Guy Wright, and Elliot Jackson.