Most Underrated Player

I saw this topic a while a go, but I’d though I’d make a new one because there are so many new players coming out.

So who do you think is the most underrated player?

Remember, you can list more than one, but not someone like Jensen Kimmitt. Because those are examples of overrated players.

Mine are:

Tyler Rose
David Ung
Josh Yee

G-yo :wink:

James Reed


Tyler Severance’s 1A. He should totally get higher scoring!

I’d say Tyler is overall, overrated. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you win as much competitions as he does it’s being overrated it just means he’s good. And if you are good it doesn’t mean your overrated.

He used to be, but now in his 1A, not so much. I think you mean his 5A. Here’s Tyler back then when he was overrated and now, the judges just seem liked they dropped down on him

Yeah, you get what I mean x52. :slight_smile:

Yeah I do.

I don’t know if you would consider him underrated, but Lui Yi Cheng.

OOO i like this topic! ;D

1a: Zach Gormley. Have the judges really realized how difficult and technical his newwer tricks are in comparison to some of the faster playing yet less technical players. And he has picked up his speed immencely in the past year, so I think he is very underrated.

2a: Josh Yee. He is just awesome enough to 2a and make it look good, and that’s an accomplishment in itself, and he does all the other styles of play as well. Amazing.

3a: This guy—>

4a: ??? I don’t really pay all that much attention to 4a

5a: This one is hard because there are a lot of good players that deserve more credit than they are given, so i’ll just name a few
Juan Renteria
Elliot Jackson
David Yonacha

yep. Another 1a one is Jacob Jensen. Uncomfortably innovative innovation.

He’s not overrated, he wins everything, and people think he’s really good. That’s not overrated.

That Zack Lytle guy is great, but he does mess up a lot, and he has no stage presence.

Underrated players? Oh god where do I begin.
Shannon Jackson
Tyler Rose
Tyler Goldenberg
Tyler Severance
Joshua Yee
John Ando
Daria Petrova
Dana Bennet
Connor Swan

and… Daisuke Shimada I guess.

Oh, and Kentaro Kimura’s 2a. Beast.

Lui Yi Cheng, MarkMont, Hank Freeman (sorta haha),

He said people not like Jensen Kimmitt, because he places really high in a lot of contests.


I’d have to agree with Luo Yi Cheng, Hes really frikin good lol

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He is seriously one of my favorite players.


Luo Yi Cheng

HEY! Get back on subject.

Forgot to mention before, Adam Denehey. THE best 2a player alive.

Ha, thanks man! ;D

I would say this guy. I have never heard of him before and he has totaly blown me away. This is about one of the best preformances I have seen:

~James Reed!

I really laugh at some of the answers here. Honestly what do people consider as “Underrated”. Seriously?

Jacob Jensen definitly would be considered underrated. That silly elephark. He is boundful of creative, innovative genius with his noble 9a and newfound 7a abilities.

Eric Tranton. Sponsored by Werrd as of this year but all the way the around he has the ability to copy any freaking player that stands in front of him perfectly. Is a very angry asian, and my best yoyo friend. He really understands the duties of freestyling, and can get the job done.

Leo Quinn (sorry if I spelt your last name wrong). The frontrunner for String Theory. Even though he doesn’t seem to be innovative, for god sakes does his style presentation take over with his body stand and THROW STYLE. he always throws with a reverse spin which is just beyond epic. Who else does that? NO ONE. Leo is the amazing.

These are merely random people from my head, but much respect is to them even still.