Most Underrated Player

Malcolm Chiu
Luke Klosterman
Mark Montgomery

Sean Perez.

Actually, that would be Marcus Koh, Singapore’s national champion in 1A and also placing 2nd in the 2010 Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship. You should watch more videos of people OUTSIDE of the United States. Like Hiroyuki Suzuki, Lim Aik Hwee, Takeshi Matsuura, Shinji Saito, and Shinya Kiido just to name some pros.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Eric IS a very angry asian, but if he continues to throw like he does, I sure won’t mind.

I’ve seen some of the most insane tricks come from Eric, and he acts like it was nothing. Eric is probably one of the best players you’ve never heard of.

“So Eric, why do you enter every division?”

“Because…It’s really funny.”

I seriously agree with all of you… Eric is an amazing slack player and one of the smoothest yoyoers I’ve seen in a while.

i really like jayyo and zach gormley.the judges dont give him enough credit.ive skyped with zach gormley several times and if you break down his tricks the are very very complicated and he puts alot of work into it.He loves to yoyo.he quit playing mw2 becuase it was slowing his progresion
(atleast thats what he told me). he is comited and they dont give him enough credit.

and jayyo.dont even get me started on him. he is also commited. he does every style (5a,4a,3a,2a,1a) and even some of his own just for fun (dont quote me on that).but hes an well rounded player amnd deserves more credit.

just had to put my word

happy throwing~

Tyler Rose
Tyler Goldenberg
Zach Gormley
and Luke Klosterman

augie fash.


Not even in the slightest. Augie probably has the most fans in yoyoing then anyone else. I’m not saying he’s overrated though; he deserves it, but he is certainly not underrated.

Am I the only one who truly belives Tyler Severance is an underrated player?

5A No, 1A yes!

His 1A is awesome,

anyway Josh Yee, most underrated player!

Well, not for me.
I see tyler 5a the same as i see hinji 2a and kentaro 3a.

Yoyoing isn’t only 1a.

I go with josh yee, marcus koh, luo yi cheng, lin kai, shakeel, hiroki miamoto, takahiro izuka and many other asian player.

Crackout from ILYY is also awesome.

david yoncha
jesse miller

Ann Connolly

I love threads like these =)

Justin Weber, Mikhail Tulabut, Jason Lee, and Zach Gormley are all high up on my list.

OH! And SID!
He’s so underrated I almost forgot to mention him. =)

I can’t believe I’m gonna do this but, there is a modify button instead of double posting. HA i just corrected a Pro ;D

Yusuke Moriki
Stepan Kosincev

uhh no

Yeah really if anything she’s extremely overrated.