Underrated Throwers

Who do you think should get more recognition in the yoyo skills?
Off the top of my head these are the people I can think of

Sponsored-Yuji Kelly, Palli, and Shu Takada at 1A

On the forums- Andy (waiting on that collab), A Brodsky, qwertyo

Andy- You are getting better by the day, and the fact that you now make tutorials makes you even more worthy for this kind of respect. I feel like in a year, you will seriously be one of the best on these forums

Abby- It seems like your tricks are getting smoother, and it also rocks that you are now stating to make tutorials. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: . One thing though, it seems like you like to use long string, maybe try and use a shorter string for a while and see if that helps you by making your tricks smoother or easier to hit.

Qwertyo- DUDE Y U NO MAKE MORE VIDS?!?! I never knew you had such a smooth style until you participated in the Over 1 Year battle. You seriously have one of the smoothest styles I’ve ever seen


Alex Gallimore
Ryan Gee
Couple more that I’ll put tomorrow, just can’t remember how to spell their names :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks bud, but Im not underrated :wink:

And I am most certainly not getting bettrr by the day haha I haventlearned much at all in a while. I get a new element here and there but Im just mainly freshening up what I already know. A few people have told me Ill be amazing in a year but I dont see it :smiley: I gotta start hittin those tutorials and videos for more stuff if Im gonna live up to the expectations ;D

I think people like hendy and hippos get recognition because they REALLY ARE improving by the day and are already amazing. I dont deserve such recognition at this point and thats OK, Im just yoyoing for fun

These are two that I was thinking of. HipposLoveCereal and kulazndoode also fall into this category.


Oh like me for sure

Ann Connolly and Jensen Kimmitt lol jk I don’t know I personally wouldn’t consider palli too underrated if at all since his second CLYW Sig is being worked on…his trick are crazy though every time I see the puffin promo vid i’m like “what !” after every trick…anyway Ryan Gee and Yuji yea for sure

Fedor Karpenko


It’s a name I never seem to hear, but he’s got a lovely style and serious skills.

Job-Rob. Jake Bullock. Sterling Quinn. Bring back 5A!

Im Relatively sure sterling is basically done with yoyoing for the most part.

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Accidental thank-you…

Anyways, he actually just made a new video.

And as for underrated throwers, one name: John Wolfe.

I never left it.


(Taken from Yoyonews)

This is basically what I meant haha, I worded it incorrectly.

Shinji Saito’s 1A

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Those were who I was going to say. Stephen and Steiffan are both absolutely amazing. I think a lot of Russians throwers are under rated too. They all have such good flow and pacing.


Really like Fedor’s flow

Thanks for the mention, guys. Lefty, I’ll see you at GA states this weekend.

To go with the thread:
Robert Kucera
Tomas Bubak


All the good euro players(minus janos, I think everybody knows he’s good now)

I think that dylan benharris is a but underated he trys every year at nats but the odds are never in his favor and adrien la is a great thrower id like to hear more about him

I’ll be there :slight_smile: