Under Mount

Any tips on landing the bind return where you land the yo-yo in a type of backwards trapeze.(i’m not sure if under mount’s the real name)

Its called an under mount, or you can call it a braintwister mount.

You really just have to practice. When the yoyo hits the string, bring your throwhand closer to your freehand so that it gets some slack, this will let it go into the strings.

Like rsmod said, just practice. Another thing that might help is to put your throwhand in the air so the string is vertical so that it is a similar motion to getting into Split Bottom Mount, except it’s sideways and with your other hand. Or if you want to get the feel for the reverse trapeze, you can put the yoyo to your nonthrowhand side and turn so that it is in front of you like if you threw a regular sleeper. Then just do a brain twister mount and turn back so it is like you threw a breakaway. This should help you get a feel for it.

try pinching the string when you bind and pull with your throw hand.

as i take my NTH and bring it into the string i pull up on my TH. remember* once in the backwards trapeze remember to pull the string down quickly