Under $50

Hi! So I am able to get a yoyo under $50. The thing is I don’t have a hubstacked yoyo so I want to ask if it’s worth it to get a yoyo just for hubstacks (like the grind machine). Also, if I should pass hubstacks for now, would it be better to get a Shutter or Rally? Thanks!

Pass on hubstacks, they’re a gimmick that will only be fun for a week or so. Grab a Rally.

If your soul is stuck on those 2 Yoyo choices your missing out on a lot of great options also if you really want hi stacks just get a magicyoyo T5 I think it’s $12 so you can go buy some other Yoyo.

I have the grind machine. And I agree with yoyo avenger it was fun the first while but now I don’t find that I use them… Out of the shutter and rally I say buy the shutter it performs better and it looks cooler even more so with its splash editions!

With the new blasted editions I think the shutter is the winner in terms of play. The rally was very boring as a yoyo to me but it still played very well.

The Shutter and Rally are both wonderful yoyos I’ve heard. I’d take the Shutter.

The N9 is the MagicYoyo to get with hubstacks. It’s a good yoyo even after you take those off.

That said, you are spoiled for choice if you can live without (and yes, you can live without). As other people have mentioned, Shutter is a winner.

Haha sorry, I am not stuck on only the Shutter and the Rally. Those two have just interested me the most. How is the N9?

Don’t get a hubstack yoyo just for the hubstacks. I almost did that.

I would certainly get a Shutter. It is medal (so better) and is a great all-around yoyo.

Lots of people get bored of the hubstacks on the N9, remove them (to eliminate noise and associated vibe) and are left with an excellent yoyo.