Undecided choice

We all get that feeling of buying a new yoyo, but sometimes just cannot decide between 2 or 3 different throws. We tend to do tons of research on what we want in a throw, to choose the best one. This usually all depends on a persons personnel preference. I created this thread for all to discuss what they’ve been deciding to buy/sell/trade. I would like this thread to help anyone decide on what they want to get.
I myself, am currently trying to decide on whether to purchase a YoyoRecreation Laser,or a Trurning Point Palpitation. Please reply if you have anything to add to this discussion.

Happy New Year to all!!!

I’m torn between OD Benchmark H, OD Gradient, or saving up for a CLYW Summit

Just bought the YYR Laser few days ago and been playing it for a ever since, I’ll make a review for it soon:)

I bought a summit about a year ago I think was so happy that I bought another. It really has a great profile, just awesome. The only downside is it may be a little too floaty i guess it depends what youre looking for. Have never played the gradient but it looks beautiful. A lot of people really love Summits thou

Thanks, but I think I’m gonna go for a CLYW Avalanche that my friend has.

I got the Gradient recently and its definitely one of my preferred throws at the moment. What kind of characteristics are you looking for? Do you prefer something floaty, stable, or one that reacts quickly to changes in direction?

I’d like something light and fast so the third option. I used to like heavier, stable throws, but I always end up stopping after like 20 minutes because my finger hurts so much :stuck_out_tongue:

How about the sOMEThING Versus or yoyofficer orbis

They’re both relatively light and cheap throws