Unbalanced yoyo?

Hey guys, I just got my black-green Lyn Fury yoyo (my first one) and I’ve got a problem… Everytime I try to throw a sleeper , my yoyo is unbalanced. One side of yoyo is usually more down than the second one and it causes the string touch the side which is upper and I get the UFO effect… I’ve read similar topic here : http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,8809.0.html
That guy got same yoyo and same problem but i didn’t rly find the solution.
Even if i hold my yoyo dead , the string still touchs the green side!
I will be glad if someone tries to help me…

More than likely your throw. If the yoyo tips, twist your wrist slightly the opposite direction on the next throw. Adjust the twist as needed until it doesn’t tip. Some yoyos are more sensitive than others in that respect.

But why does the string touch the green side even when I hold the yoyo dead?
And twisting my wrist doesn’t change anything.

Unless the string is perfectly centered, a non-spinning yoyo will tip. The spin is what gives it the stability to stay straight.

If the wrist twist doesn’t help, you are doing something else wrong, or you are reverting to the original position and not realizing it when you release the yoyo.

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Okey , I think I throwed it correctly few times now. Thx for help :slight_smile:

yeah it was definitely the throw. a good craftsman never blames his tools.

and here is a lesson in circular mechanics and spinning. when something like a yoyo is spinning, and one side is heavier, it will not cause gravity to act any differently than if it was balanced. the weight will be spinning, so it is true that it will have more downwards force, but it will also have more upwards force balancing it out. it will vibe a lot, but it shouldn’t tilt.

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This sounds like my brother the other day:
Brother: My SPYY Stryker keeps tilting on me. A $100 yo-yo shouldn’t do that!
Me: Lemme See… does a couple sleepers Yup, Dude, it’s your throw!
Brother: in disbelief no it isn’t!

A few days later he’s throwing a bit cleaner. See, I told you so!

Actually, both of us figured out how to correct the tilt after a bad throw, or if we aren’t so clean with our tricks and start getting tilt mid trick…and the yo-yo straightens out pretty well! Trick is to get into a trapeze and misalign your hands so that one of the strings pushes the yo into a vertical position rather than tilted…you kind of have to play with it and figure it out.