YoYo balance

Hello everyone!

So today I got Yoyojam Lyn Fury for my birthday from my brother (btw it’s my 25th birthday ;)) and it always seem to be hanging to the other side when throwing a sleeper, like it’s not balanced. This causes the yoyo to shake as the string is touching the side of the yoyo. String is 100% polyester and not twisted. Could it be that I’m throwing the sleeper wrong or can the yoyos be unbalanced, like some factory fault? I’ve watched Andre’s sleeper videos few times and I do exactly the same thing.

Last time I played with a yoyo was in the early 90’s with those Coca-Cola Russell yoyos and I didn’t have this kind of problem back then even though they didn’t have those fancy bearing systems and such :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated!

welcome, well the most likely cause is the throw, although a yoyo could be part of it
when u first throw it, will the string be in the center??
also the coca cola yoyo is very hard to spin out/tilt ,because its shape
how long does it take to tilt???
like right away or does it take a while
also u might want to loosen up the gap …well if it has aadjustable gap…pretty shure it does

Most likely it’s your throw. It’s rather hard to get a good throw, but when you do, it’ll center the string well. Just keep working on throwing, but don’t just throw sleepers. Just continue to play around, learning and messing around with tricks. Your throw will get better in time.

Make sure you snap your wrist out as well. If you don’t, this can cause the wobble.