unbalanced yoyo

i just took the caps off my 201 and now it sleeps for about 10 sec and then it starts to UFO. theres still bits of the cap left on one side and i think its pulling it off balance. what should i do?

You broke the caps? Why?

Might as well get the rest of it off. The problem with the 201s is that the starburst sticks out so far that it rubs the string almost the entire time it’s sleeping, so it might just be that problem, but I can’t tell for sure.

planing to take out the starburst and replace it with silicone, problem is that YYF glued the caps. i’m goignto try and sand the chips that are left of the caps down but i’m not sure it i can.

YYF doesn’t glue the caps. Unless it’s a new thing they are doing.

i’d post pics but i dont know how. The caps where insanely hard to take off and when i did get them off there where bits of them still attached to the starburst.

I seem to have to post this about once a month. :-\

The picture has to be on the internet. To do that you will have to upload it to an image hosting website. Imgur.com is a quick one. Then right click on the picture on the website and click “Copy Image Location”. Then paste that between image tags like this:

your image url here.jpg

ah thanks very much ^^.

it’s not a very good photo, this camera doesn’t have a macro setting, but if you look closely you can see a few chips from the plastic caps on the top. These where a lot bigger but i filed them down because i was catching my finger on them.

Oh, so the FAST starburst system connects directly yo the cap?
Wow, that looks bad. Is the starburst still stable on the inside or it it rattling around??

it’s all locked in place nicely, theres no real problem with it apart from the cap fragments tha it occasionally killing it’s self by spinning horizontaly.