Help modding a new 201


Hey guys I got my 201 and wanted to start playing around with Modding it a bit but no matter how hard I try I can’t get the caps off, I tried Googling the problem and found a few references to blogs saying that you are likely to break a newer 201 if you try and remove the caps, this seems to ring true as when I try to remove the caps I just get a creaking noise that sounds like it will rapidly become the sound of plastic breaking.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I also apologize if this has already been answered in another thread.

(PutridNebula) #2

lol don’t be too worried about the noise, they will make that cracking type noise. I assure you that I have modded 2 FAST 201s and the caps wont break they will just make you THINK you are going to break them. Just make sure that you start in one little hole and pry it, then move to the next and pry, don’t force it too much you just want to loosen it to the point that it just pops out.


Right thanks, I’ll give that a try. That noise was scaring the crap out of me, I’ll give it a go later and pray for the best.


It’s no good, the damn caps won’t come off my 201 no matter what I do! I was trying for like an hour last night with everything from screwdrivers to cutlery and they just won’t budge :frowning:

(Ariq) #5

the latest badge of fast 201 had their caps glued on.


Ah, this goes a long way to explaining why the stupid things won’t budge. Why the hell would they glue them on!? >:(

(Ariq) #7

Dunno. But i think its cos Fast 201 is meant for F.A.S.T play so they wanna stop ppl from MOdding the Fast 201


well thats just plain inconsiderate of them!

Good thing I am getting a velocity

(Mi) #9

The time you spend modding your Fast 201 is time that is better spent mowing the neighbors lawns for money to buy a better yoyo. >.<


Haha, I’m 25 and married with 3 kids, I’m too lazy to now my own lawn most of the time let alone anyone else’s. I just heard that a 201 can be real good with the right mods


That just peoples opinions you know. It just depends on what your doing to mod it.

(Mi) #12

Well thats a nice reply, how about elaborating?


I4d be interested too, as I’ll be getting a new yoyo I want to play modding the FAST maybe get something decent out of it, or just plain break it

a “DIY for beginners would do it” with list/links of things that have to be bought, pictures and all

  • bearing replacement
  • starbust removal
  • gap widening
  • dress up