201 caps

how the heck do you get these things off, i,ve tryed metal rods and nearly every fork in the house is now bent and i’ve just had a go at it with my engraving tool. i think since people have started moding the 201 YYF has started glueing them down. i’ve got one off but the one one the side with the bolt in it refuses to move. i’m thinking of just takign a hammer to it now.

language please

language? what did i say wrong?

your not supose to use cures words(ex. hell)

i ended up taking a hammer and a coathanger to it and i was right, YYF has started attaching the caps. thanks for the useful advice kid.

Haha. Made my day

wow i really did’nt expect this kind of thing an a yoyo forum.

You do realize this is a childs toy right? Ergo childs forum? Well for the most part.
There are rules on this if you would only read them.

i am aware this it is a kid toy, but i was not aware that that word was an obsenity. I started this thread to ask for help but instead i have been patronised and ridiculed.

Yeah, you’ll have that. ::slight_smile:
Did you already try putting duct tape or a suction cup near the rim and yanking?

their off now, in the end i use a coat hanger and a hammer to do it. i found it kind of funny myself. it’s a dosent nake as much noise now and i think it looks nicer but it often UFO’s (i’m sure thats not the right term for what it’s doing but i’m new to this).

Really? You think that is what we were doing? I’d hate to ridicule and patronize you to my standards. We were just pointing out the use of that word. That’s all. No big deal. No harm no foul.