Fast 201 caps

Do you know if you can remove 2010 fast caps and if so how.

Yeah you should be able to, unless they started gluing them in.

How you remove them is the same as this. (I think, not 100% sure but I’m like 90% sure. xD)

I don’t know if i can post a link to spinworks or not but anyway this page says that are non removable

Guess they started gluing them. Which year FAST 201 do you have anyway?

In japan there are laws about this kinda’ thing, the fhz’s sold over there have sonic welded caps as well, or at least did.
Use a small screw driver to pry them out. They should pop out fairly easy, if they don’t you may have a glued or sonic welded set.

Not saying I doubt you or question you, but perhaps you could point me towards any rules, laws or regulations in Japan regarding this? I’m guessing that if I could find those documents, I’d find a lot of other laughable things in there as well. Of course, we have stupid laws here as well.

How can you tune your FHZ if you can’t pop the cap and rotate the bolt or nut? This also makes mods harder to do.

You know I never looked up the law. Just took the duncan guys at their word thats why the fhz’s over there had sonic welded caps. People used to drill a hole in the cap to rotate the axle, and hook it up to a drill for siliconeing and such. If you look around for them you will find them.
Its a product safty thing as far as I have heard. I should be more clear I am talking about the hyper freehand zeros.

So could i remove the caps even if they where hyperwelded the cap pop method or does that risk breaking it?

If they are glued, or sonic welded(what ever that means.) then you will likly break them taking them out. I never did the axle poping thing with a fast 201 since there was tons of nice little spots to put a screw driver in and pry the caps out.

The year I have has little notches in the cap so you can pop it out with a knive, but mine is from a good 3-4 years ago… Hope I helped