Unable to bind a trapeze.

I tried doing what he is doing on the video, I just can’t get it to bind at the end of the trick. I did EXACTLY what he did, yet it won’t bind… Any suggestions and ideas?

So if you throwing it like he is , you will need to bind on the other side of the string, you cant get into a trapeze and just bind from it, you can only do it if you throw the yoyo front infront of you.

First I need to confirm a few things, do you throw it from breakaway like he did? because the spinning direction matters, I assume you are just starting out so you might not realize it.
If you are actually throwing from breakaway, can you bind in any other ways or is this your first attempt to bind (from breakaway)?

If this is your first time learning bind from breakaway, it’s probably you don’t leave long enough string to wrap into the yoyo, try leaving more string that goes with the bind, and don’t just let the yoyo fall down. You’ll have to be able to feel the string “rolling” into the bearing, and not just letting it fall down.
Also try pinching the string.

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Thanks, had no idea what a breakaway is until now.

You may also want to try rolling the string over again on the Yoyo and binding from that. It will be a messier bind than a under string bind but it will work just as well to start. Work on your Breakaway as mentioned, Watch the Learn it section on this site and you shud be able to clean up your binds with more practicesings. Just remember that the Yo-Yo is the Universe, and you want to be One. If you are One with the Yo-Yo, the Yo-Yo will be One with you.

Hey guys, thanks for all the help. I was able to make a breakway, the full spin. However I can’t do the same in the video below where he binds it in mid-air. I can throw it but when I try to do a mid-air bind, it just keeps spinning.

He’s using a responsive yoyo in that video so that is why the yoyo snaps back to his hand.

So in order to bind from that you will have to bind on the opposite side of the string like mentioned above

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