Now that’s just weird!


Josh Yee??? :stuck_out_tongue:



That person has incredible amounts of swagger.

He will win 2013 Worlds.

No questions asked.

Where do you guys find this stuff?

This is awesome! Reblogging to sofurry right now!

Fleas yes, swagger? ::slight_smile:

Still in question…

He can raise his attack stat two stages?

Furry yoyoers, all my yes!

All my no.

All my yes. Two hobbies can intermingle without judgement.

I’ve seen some pretty creepy things come out of the furry community…

With every good there is a bad. I’ve seen some pretty terrible things come out of the yoyo community like theft however there is also all the great things about the community. Same with furries, while some stuff is downright weird there is also the fun and sometimes amazing things that come from the furry community. You just have to learn to accept their differences and realize that they are normal people too (despite the fursonas) :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about them, but I’ve stumble into things that are perverted and or depraved. I didn’t know if that spoke for all of them. I apologize :slight_smile:

We’re not all like that, just some. But it is a very misleading community. :slight_smile:

Okay, sorry I judged.