Dirty Secrets of Caribou Nightlife

One throw; a few tricks. IN THE NIGHT


That is a sweet video.
I think of your style as “bouncy”

Yo man that some yoin ive nevver seen in my whole yoin life man yo!

Ok lets get to talking real. You are probably better than anybody ive ever seen before. My main concern is if you stop yoyoing i will die. Keep throwin my man. You rock!

you are insanely good.

Wow, thanks guys!

Epic video, man. Really impressive. :wink:
Just out of curiosity, did the yoyo hit your hand in the beginning?
I thought I heard the same sound that comes when I hit hit my own hand with my Sasquatch.

Yep, any time it grazes the knuckle it will make that hollow “dong” sound. :wink:

Beasts can’t yoyo. That’s illegal and unjust.

I wish I could do that so bad. You are now my idol.

Great video, Andrew!

Is this the combo you’re using for IN states?

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Omg is it legal to be that good and not be sponsored or known? Officers, arrest him.

Thanks for the comments guys; really makes a difference to know you guys dig the new tricks. Gotta prepare for contest season!


That must hurt, FNG. ;D

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Ehh, not really. Guess it means I need to work harder