Throwin... (Check out this video!)

I made this video of me throwin some serious yoyo:
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I know a lot of you don’t like my choice in music most of
the time, so here is a video with a music to it that I like
and that might cater to a wider range of viewers. Enjoy!
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Hope you like my stuff! Some of this stuff I will be doing in SoCal yoyo contest. (Yes, I am allready practicing it cause my goal is to ace my routine this time around, and place high.) And this vid is sportin my brand new Hatrick I just bought off the forums! I got it yesterday! It’s a dark blue Bad*** Ed. Hatrick! I love it to death!

And I made and edited this video in one day. I only spent like 5 hours tops editing and makin this vid, so sorry if the angles or editing sucks. But for the time I think I did pretty good.

And as you can tell I tried to get a multi mad camera crew effect to it. I did some wanna be close up stuff, like I did with the last mobeius trick. Tell me how you like that. And feel free to comment here at YYE, or on my vid at youtube. Thanks for watchin!

Thanks guys,
James Reed

Yeah, I liked the second video’s music beter, haha.

I’ve also been practicing for SoCal, its going to be a epic contest this year.

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Ha, thanks man! Great to hear from you dude. Oh, and the song on the second vid the song’s Can’t Stop Parting by Weezer. I edited out the bad languge cause I hate bad words especially in my music. I do this will all the music on my Ipod, I just edit it all out on Sony Veges Pro. And on the first vid, the song’s Dead by My Chemical Romance. It was the edited version so I didn’t need to edit anything out.

Yeah, I have a feelin SoCal’s gonna be hella epic… I hope not to many people practice much cause I wanna win… :smiley:

-James Reed

I’m pointwhoring, so watch out. :stuck_out_tongue:


I also like the weezer song more! Great job by the way!

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Both the songs are good. And When’s SoCal? (I probably wont compete but it’d be fun to go!)

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SoCal is probably gonna be sometime in January or Febuary. I don’t know exactly when yet though. :slight_smile:

Check out this conversation Paolo and I had on youtube on my video in the comments area:


lol. Nice video, you’ve gotten better than before.

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James is the best, nuff said.

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This is probably gonna end up in my siggy. :smiley:

Dude, JB, I swear, that haircut is so awesome. Forreal.

I love your tricks by the way.

Yeah, I’m gonna call you JB from now on. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why do you think people will like the other song more than the original? They’re both fine. It’s just your taste in music.

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Conversation between James and Paolo= LOL

Video wise, I actually like the first soundtrack better, and…you’re just plain awesome James. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for saying kind things about my tricks, but your gonna get jumped for callin my JB watch… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I put up 2 vids cause I can’t decide what song I like better to go with the vid, and other times I do so cause I get a lot of comments from people allways saying, “Get a real taste in music.” So really, I most of the time just put up 2 vids so to stop the whining lol.

-James Reed

by comparison i liked the way the weezer song flowed with the video as opposed to the other song

i better step my game up for SoCal. time for an intense training sesh.

Did you lose weight?

You guys are already practicing for SoCal?! Man, I gotta get started.

I gotta worry about Anthony, the Tylers, and now James…

You worrying about going against me is like Mr. T worrying about fighting an old lady lol.

lol. I guess. I’ve had some intence P.E. in school, with monday runday and 20 laps of swimming an olympic sized pool, I’ve noticed more upper arm muscle. And also, I measure myself a lot, and I’ve been growing an inch a month lately. I’ve grown like 5 inches scince my last vid ahaha.

I talked to Yoshi, and he said the best advice you could give to a competitor of a yoyo comp, would be to nail your preformance. So you gotta know your routine like the back of your hand. He said if you don’t mess up in your routine, you will do really well point-wize.

-James Reed

I’ve been practicing really hard for SoCal. Gonna be intense haha.