video battle :)

(jared) #1

hey guys,
since its spring break and I have nothing to do, I thought that I should have a video battle. The rules would be 1 front style trick and 1 side style trick. :]

Also here is my skill level

(202andrew) #2

I would battle you, but you are so much beter than me it is not funnny.

(jared) #3

lol maybe we could have like a big battle you know like 4 people? it could be me and u and 2 or three other people. :slight_smile:

(202andrew) #4


(jared) #5

i guess we can start making our video’s.


I guess I could join in, but compared to you…yeah I don’t stand a chance.

(jared) #7

you guys are both really good, So now all we need is one are two more people :slight_smile:


i guess ill join in!! but im going to loose compaired to you guys

(202andrew) #9

my vid will be up tomorrow hopefully.


does anyone think i have a chance cause im so much better than i used to be


I know I lost already
so here’s a little quick trick for my skill level

(jared) #12

not to sound mean but you have been only yoyoing for 3 mounths. The people in the battle have been yoyoing for years. You are still really really good for 3 mounths tho :]

So it will be

you should have your video up wensday are Thursday or Friday :slight_smile:


I’ll try to get mines up on friday because that is when my spring break starts

(jared) #14

Thats goo it’s ok if anyone can’t. Saterday and Sunday are fine also


Just threw this together. Turned out alright.

(jared) #16

wow… that was amazing. haha im making mine when my mommy goes to work and the cameras charged haha. I have this one trick were i need just the right angle.

edit: heres my video

(202andrew) #17

sorry guys i am not going to do the battle. I don’t have any frontstyle stricks at all. Is it okay if i do just to regular tricks.


I have a slight feeling I just got pwned. I love how in the middle of the first trick you fix your glasses.

(Q) #19

MAy I be the judge of Pwnage?

You both had AAMZING videos!

Although I must say that Jared’s moves struck me as more original and innovative, Paolo had a lot of nice string hits and elements to his.

Again. Both of what you guys did was AMAZING

(jared) #20

its fine if you do not want to do the battle, i cant really let you in without a front style trick. I see some of your videos. a couple of them have nice front style ticks

haha your video was really good too i think this is going to be a close one.  did any ane see my ear gt im worried about the angle

haha were going to make a poll so everyone can vote for whos video they like best :]