Santa, Can I have a Hatrick? UPDATED: I got it to work

You like? I thought the sun would be bright enough to make a vid. But sadly, the vid looks like crud. But don’t worry, I will make an entirly new one, with more angles, different settings, and better edditing and graphics. I will make another one simalar to this one. (look at the end, it is kinda funny)


Got it!!!

You  have to save the file from WMM into the computer, then upload on YT like this:

You probably already know how but I might as well.

thanks but I know how to upload a video, but scince it is window movie maker, youtube won’t recognise the video. Do you know of any good free video edditing software?

you have to save it to your computer dont press the save video button.

Oh I see that button now. It is saving right now. 18mins left. I’ll tell you if it works or not. :slight_smile:

You have to render it as a Windows Media Video file. Click Save Movie File after completing your video, then after selecting my computer, click next, change your title, click next, determine your playback settings, and click next again. It should start to convert it, and you will then be able to upload it onto YouTube.

Also, you can “acquire” Sony Vegas 8 in several ways, but if you’re not good with editing, it can get pretty difficult to use.

I got it! I saved it to the computer and shamwow! It uploaded to youtube! :o Tell me how you like the vid.

The tricks were good, from what I watched, but I couldn’t watch the whole video because the song sucked too much…

That was so polite. :stuck_out_tongue: The song was kinda a joke. If you listen, it is a heavy metal Christmas song. :slight_smile:

Which is why it sucked.

Agian, so polite. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, let me put on my Einstiein hat. (cant spell Einstien) Oh, I have a great Idea! How bout, you turn the little knoby thingy, on the speaker thingy, down, untill the music goes away! I know, I am soo smart! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, you could see my dog sniffing a turd in the backround! lol! :smiley:

Then, the video is incredibly boring, so I “x” out of it. It is actually what happened the first time I watched it.

Turn that shirt inside out and SHAMWOW! You can see the string. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well forgive me for not putting on Carrie Underwood for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s Carrie Underwood?

Lol you used my word! :smiley: Yeah, I should have worn my crucial Bruce Lee shirt so you could see the string better. I will keep that in mind for future vids. :wink:

:o I was joking about sayin forgive me for not putting on Carrie Underwood for you though. Anyway, she is an American Idol winner. It was all over the TV forever. Especially Good Day LA, which my mom watches every morning. :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on track please. :slight_smile:

the video turned out great. you did an awesome job. dont pay attention to the haters, they just have their panties in a bunch.!!! the song rocked.

I’m not hating. I’m just saying I didn’t like the song. Is there a problem with having an opinion?

So sayin “the song sucks, and it makes me want to x it out…” is conciterd not hating? :-\