Santa, Can I have a Hatrick? UPDATED: I got it to work

Nope! It’s not hating when your ears are bleeding!

I said the song sucks. I never said it wanted me to x it out.

And no, its not considered hating.

OK, that is what you said. I thought the song was decent. And if you don’t, I don’t care. But you don’t have to say that the song sucks. And keep baggin on it. We all have differnt thoughts on our music. I like the song on my vids, and I think all the songs on your videos suck, but I don’t say that out loud. Until now. I think you are being immature. :-\

what do you expect when kids play on the internet. lol

Once again, NO, I did not say that. I didn’t keep bagging on it until yoyolvr<>< brought it up again. And please explain to me how I am being immature.

i got an idea, lets take a break and go yoyo for an hour. maybe that will cool things down? :wink:

Nah, I just spent 30 minutes trying to finish off a trick. I’m exhausted. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is getting a bit annoying. Especially since both of you (Samad and James) are 2 of my best yoyo friends

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You said the song sucks and you didn’t have to say it so bluntly. And plus, by me sayin that is what you said I meant up in the quotes. I don’t think a mature person would say that song sucks, and keep on being rude. Somebody mature would say somthin like, I liked the vid, but I didn’t care for the song that much. If you don’t have something nice to say, then be quiet. :-\

Knock it off. See what I mean by the words immature and rude. Now. I suggest dropping it, like yoyolvr said.