James Reed, Y U NO SERIOUS?! - Ft. Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

So this is me in my backyard making a lame video with a few of my good tricks, a few of the things I’m working with, and a few of my derp tricks. Enjoy, subscribe, rate, comment. I should have more videos comming out soon. And don’t worry, they will probably be more serious than this one. :slight_smile:


James Reed,

We gotta start making new tricks soon :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, the reason I made this video was to show off my new trick, but when I was editing the video… I must’ve either left out my new trick somehow, or maybe I never pressed record when I did it in front of the camera. It took me till I got home from school to figure out it was missing lol. -__-

But definantly, DXL meet, I gotta show you my CalStates routine. I got my routine down, but at the last 20seconds I don’t have it all figured out. I wanna end with one newish tech trick, and an insane banger at the end. I’m wanna get some ideas form you and Rojas at the meet. See ya there bro!

A southern California yoyoer, yoyoing in front of a brick wall, using young folks as the video song, where have I see this before?

Haha, but seriously though, liking it. Im excited to see what you got planned for cal states!


Lol, never seen anyone use this song while yoyoing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, well thanks bro, I got my whole routine planned out. I’ve been working hard at it, and I hope to do well. I just hope I don’t get that nervous, and I don’t screw up durring the prelims so I can make the finals.

Great vid! I like the feel of it. What camera do you use?

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Notrusion… That’s honestly the best and the most genius trick ever to the living world.

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Agreed you would win worlds just by doing notrusion for 3 minutes.

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Ryan Gee (Ryanco)'s killowat hours video, haha, the song, so cal, brick wall, but yeah.

nice stuff!


O RLY? I honestly have never seen it lol. I don’t watch many yoyo videos other than Worlds and CalStates videos. Or any video that involves Rojas, Kohta, or Jensen.

Amazing tricks, and I laughed so hard at “Notrusion”. Hilarious. ;D

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Some old Sony haha. I’d check it, but I’m at my friends house at the moment so I don’t have the cam on me. I didn’t use a good camera angle, next time I’ll be sure not to get a straight up show where the sky is showing bring or else it will look a bit weird. And thanks!

LOL, thanks!

Haha, thanks guys!

Nice Video is the a Torrent 2? And at 1:35 did you make that off of one of Anthony Rojas’s tricks?