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I filmed this video while I was camping at Big Bear. This video has most of my new tricks, hope you like my video, and if you liked the video please rate it giving it a thumbs up, and don’t forget to comment. I put a lot of work into this video, with the editing, and all the clips. It took forever to make. It only took a little while to film, but it took every moment of yesterday and today (as of september 1st) to edit all of this. Thanks, and enjoy the video!
Thanks for watching!

Here is the same video with the exception of the clip after the credits. The only major difference is the song. Enjoy!

-James Reed


You are just awesome! Awesome video, awesome tricks, awesome everything. :slight_smile:


big bear lake?


Very nice. Don’t see too much Moebius these days. Good stuff.

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Correct. :wink:

Thanks, I’m trying to learn more Moebius tricks. :slight_smile:

-James Reed


Another fantastic video! I love seeing moebius along side my 1A!

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Really good and very smooth great video and nice moebuis tricks

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Thanks, I’m trying to learn more Moebius tricks. :

-James Reed
That moebius trick was so cool! I have to learn how to do that.

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Nice second vid and I like the music


nice vid ;D and nice dog ;D

(SR) #11

Great video James!


Sweet! I can see you put a lot of time into that video, and also those mobious (yeah I didn’t spell it right) tricks are awesome! :o


Note to General-yo: Pick this dude up before its too late!!!

James, your style has improved vastly over the time you have been yoyoing, and if I was Ernie, I would not hesitate to pick you up and add you to the team.

great job

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Thanks guys!

Also, I know some of you guys check out my chanel, and have seen my yoyo tutorials: Vortex and Attack of the Slack. Well, I’ve got some good news, I plan to make more slow motion tutorials soon! Thank you guys who watch my tutorials and videos and also I thank the ones who have subscribed to my channel. I hope you like the new tutorials that are to come!

-James Reed


:o nice one


Nice video, I like your stuff! :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]


Good video.


Great Vid Great Tricks Great Moebius Great EVERYTHING!!! When I First Saw Your Yoyoing I Thought You Were Sponsored By General Yo :wink:


Holy !@#$ dude!!!
what was tht at 1:33 (just about)
Tht was just pure awesomeness
u should so make a tut for tht


Nice James.Your videos always make me want to practice more and more,but i tend to notice a vast simularity between all your tricks in all your videos.But still its just amazing.