Flash Flood Warning! *Yoyo Trick Tutorial by James Reed* Great Trick!


That is my new trick tutorial! It’s a very easy trick, that looks cool, but it’s kinda difficult to explain what to do in the trick, so bare with me. Hope you guys learn the trick, or atleast a part of it that you will use in your own trick. I made this trick up the day I decided to make the tutorial. It’s kinda a short trick, it’s got some complicated Anyway, comments are apriciated. Learn, rate, subscribe. And if you like the tutorial, I would really apricate a thumbs up. And thanks to Samad’s help, my videos are wide screen now! Which means the window where you view the video is bigger. yeah, hard to explain. If you don’t get what I am saying just forget what I just said lol Anyways, have fun learning!

-James Reed

wow. great trick

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Nice. =)

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Thanks guys, glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Love the trick trying to learn it right now 8)

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Cool, best of luck learning the trick! :slight_smile:

Sick trick man, just finished learning it.

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Sweeeeeeet trick man!

Though I have a suggetion. At some parts it didn’t flow as much as the other parts. Probably just me, but nice trick.

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Yeah, I kinda noticed that. Thanks for the suggestion. Not that I am a person to constantly use excuses, but well, here I go. :stuck_out_tongue: I was standing in the backyard wondering what trick to do that wasn’t hard, or hard to explain, or too long. And belive it or not, I was just screwing around yoyoing and I made up the trick on the spot. And I decided to go with that trick scince it was short and easy. It’s not I trick I mastered at the time I filmed it. When I was filming, I had only completed the trick like a maximum of 5 times before I made the final shot. It was a new trick to me. So that’s why I wasn’t as smooth or as fast as usual when doing the trick. Sorry for the stuipd excuse. :smiley: Anyway, glad you liked the trick! And thanks for the suggestion, I will make sure I totally nail down a trick before filming. :wink:

Thanks Joshh!