Need help learning these 2 tricks.


One of the tricks I want to learn is from the “its just a toy” video by Ryan Gee. The second one is in this video it is at 2:26. Some help would be greatly appreciated.



Sorry, the Ryan Gee trick starts at :28.


I’ll make a tutorial for it soon!  :slight_smile: I’ll post it on my tutorial channel in the near future.


Good news I figured out the trick by James Reed in the yyf 2.0 video. Thanks for being willing to make a tutorial.


Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Could you possibly make a tutorial for the James Reed trick?


Adding both of these to my must learn list!


Ryan, thanks for the awesome tutorial! But I’m getting a bit stuck on the last sliding part. The yoyo keeps on hitting both of my hands…do you just have to stop it midway?


I would love to. I just have to get a youtube channel thing. If I can get one then I will definitely make a tutorial. :slight_smile:


Sweet :slight_smile: