My latest yoyo video.


Okay since I’m new to this forum I guessed it would be cool to show you guys some of my yoyoing. :3

(Frank W.) #2

dang dude that was sweet i loved the 1a the most keep that up bro

(JonasK) #3

WOW!!! And welcome to the forums. Great to see some others from northern europe.


great video and music! how long you been yoyoing?


Wow, you got some styles and play fast in 1A, but not fast like Augie Fash, lol.
Welcome to Yoyoexpert forums!!! I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

Happy Throwing! =]


Nice! I see why this is a nominee for Video Of the Quarter!


one word


(Erik) #8

That was awesome! I really love that flying bind.



DANG good job man


OMG! thats was sick! when you said u are new to the forum i presumes u were a newbie! lol how wrong was i! serious dude! thats was awesome!!


holy crap


Fixed :wink:

(system) #13

Yeah man that was realy good. And, who sings that song id like to hear some more from them.
tickle it


nice vid


He throw yoyos for 3/4 years.

Happy Throwing! =]


please don’t use abbreviations for curse words.
And I know you weren’t referring to a big body of water being held by a giant wall.
and great video!

(Frank W.) #17

my bad didnt realize what i typed when posting


thanks for kind replies.

It’s an Icelandic band named Agent Fresco.
You can check their myspace.

4 years.


You are really good!! You are good at all the divisions you did.

What was the yoyo you used for offstring? It looked very large to me.


AMAZING!! I loved the whip at the start! Looked liked Paul Han in 06!